Podcast Episode 258: What Women Really Want From Men with Jordan Bowditch

Jordan Bowditch is a confidence and intimacy coach—and a self-proclaimed brofessional eduatiner—that supports men and couples in having the life and love of their dreams. Jordan uses radical authenticity and humor to make talking about the often heavy topics of sex and love a bit more fun and productive. In this episode, Samantha and Jordan cover a variety of topics including sex, intimacy and libido. Jordan also provides his best advice for supporting an alpha woman and enhancing sex within partnership.


Today on The Wellness Witch:

  • Jordan’s path to becoming a sex educator 
  • Things that commonly break relationships
  • Implementing the ‘no more mister nice guy’ and ‘extreme ownership’ concepts
  • What it’s like to be married to an alpha woman
  • Why libido is so much more than just hormones
  • Cultivating a solid squad of bros


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