Podcast Episode 256 – Your Blood Is Lying to You: Why Minerals Matter with Barton Scott

So many of us have gone to our doctors, gotten blood work and told that everything looks fine…but we still don’t feel fine. Could your blood work be lying to you? In today’s episode, Samantha’s joined by Barton Scott, a biochemist and the founder and developer of Upgraded Formulas, a wellness company focused on identifying deficiencies and mineral products that are easily absorbed into your cells. Barton breaks down how and why minerals contribute to our overall health and why hair tissue analysis—not bloodwork—is the best way to get a truly accurate depiction of your mineral levels.


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • How Barton’s mother’s sickness led him to make supplements
  • What are minerals and why do they matter so much?
  • Why hair tissue analysis is better than bloodwork
  • The distinction between quality and absorption 
  • Addressing the iodine and Hashimoto’s controversy 
  • Barton’s thoughts on iron supplementation


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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  • “Herbs will never get you fully well on their own. I can 100% empathize but, if I’m giving it to you straight, that’s not going to solve your problem.” 
    • 14:05
    • Barton Scott
  • “Blood is the richest place of nutrients in your body. That’s the reason why we call it ‘life blood’. Your body will actually pull from your bone marrow, and weaken your bones long term, if it needs to to maintain the quality of your blood.”  
    • 18:07
    • Barton
  • “Nutrition becomes your person-ality or personal reality. Through testing, we can see if someone would be labeled as bi-polar or manic depressive and then help them to reverse those levels.”
    • 26:21
    • Barton
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