Podcast Episode 249: Being Healthy, Happy and Horny at 40

In our society, many of us have come to expect that, as we age, we will also experience a gradual decline of our overall health, wellness and libido. But it’s our birthright to feel happy, healthy and horny—this isn’t something you have to say goodbye to as your age begins approaching some arbitrary number. In today’s solo, Samantha shares the nutritional, emotional and relationship practices that have her thriving at 40, with the hopes that adopting some of these methods can help you to do the same. 


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • A peek into Samantha’s morning routine
  • Why speaking your truth is an integral part of your overall health
  • Samantha’s take on supplementation and testing
  • Taking ownership for your own internal joy
  • Being conscious of your inner masculine and feminine energies 


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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  • “We see so many functional medicine doctors now talking about the importance of testing…I think that testing is valuable and can show us a lot of data, but it can also just be constantly pointing out to us that we’re ‘deficient in this thing and deficient in that thing’, which can pull us out of the more fundamental things that we need to be focusing on.” 
    • Samantha Gladish
  • “When you work from home, it can be really easy to constantly be on, checking emails and social media. For my overall health, wellbeing and happiness, it’s best that I shut off work and create that distinction between my work day and family time.” 
    • Samantha
    • 16:59  
  • “There was this time in my life where all I was doing was taking in information and all that did was pull me away from my truth.”
    • Samantha
    • 32:47
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