Podcast Episode 246: Overcoming Mystery Illness and Autoimmunity with Dr. Kevin Preston

Today on the show, Samantha chats with Dr. Kevin Preston, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner that practices in Vernon, BC. Kevin has become known for helping people overcome chronic illnesses, mystery syndromes and for optimizing the health and performance of his patients. In this episode, we learn how his curiosity, passion and reverence for both ancient and modern healing techniques have guided him to success as a nature loving, wu friendly and honest practitioner. 


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • Kevin’s journey from hockey-playing farm boy to Chinese medicine practitioner
  • Why we’re seeing an increase in mystery illnesses and autoimmunity
  • How Kevin uses knowledge about epigenetics and genetic trauma in his practice 
  • Tips for detoxification from harsh environmental chemicals
  • How Kevin has begun utilizing spirituality to help his patients heal


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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  • “World War II is a good example where there was a lot of toxic exposure, especially for people in Europe. Some of that toxicity can make its way into peoples’ biology. I’ll have somebody sitting in front of me that’s twenty years old, with ancestry from central Europe, that has toxins in their body that their grandparents were exposed to.”
    • Dr. Kevin Preston
    • 19:45
  • “There’s never been a time that I’ve been struggling, stressed or working on a mental problem, where I’ve gone into the forest and I haven’t felt better afterwards. It works every time.”
    • Dr. Kevin


  • “I kind of feel like, if a day goes by in the clinic and nobody cried, then I haven’t done my job. It’s not that I wake up in the morning like, ‘Who can I make cry today’, but I’m just sitting with them presently and listening for those areas that happen to be keeping them the most stuck, and often those areas happen to be quite challenging or painful.”
    • Dr. Kevin
    • 44:03
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