Podcast Episode 245: Biz Class Part 4: Owning That You Are in Sales

As an entrepreneur, you may have a hard time accepting the fact that you’re actually in the business of sales…but it’s the truth! If you want to start securing more leads, and begin to scale your business, you’re going to need to get comfortable with selling. It’s as simple as that. In today’s final business class episode, Samantha teaches you everything you need to know about sales and even admits that she too had a hard time accepting that sales are an integral, and unavoidable, part of entrepreneurship.


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • Samantha’s money story
  • Being conscious of your money language
  • How to overcome the ‘fear of success’
  • Using reverse engineering to find your ideal # of clients
  • Why you shouldn’t be preoccupied with growth 
  • The benefit of low barrier-to-entry programs


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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  • “Don’t worry about ‘getting it right’. It’s never going to be perfect. The point is to take action from where we are right now and the clarity will start to come.” 
    • Samantha Gladish
    • 2:50
  • “Ads only come into play when you have your systems and your funnels built. You never go put money into ads unless you have automation set up. Otherwise, you’re just giving Zuckerberg all your money.”
    • Samantha
    • 37:16
  • “We feel like, in order for someone to feel really supported and guided, we have to give up so much of our time. It’s actually not the case. If we overgive and complicate things, then they feel like things are complicated. We have to give people time and space.”
    • Samantha
    • 52:08


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