Podcast Episode  244: Breathwork and Costa Rica

In today’s solo, Samantha shares some stories from her recent trip to Costa Rica. She had originally planned to make the trek with one of her best friends but, just days before the trip, things took an unexpected turn when she learned that she would be going alone. Samantha gives her honest perspective of what it felt like to be traveling in a foreign country as a single female, then does a deep dive into her relationship, and future plans, with the thing that brought her to Costa Rica in the first place, breathwork. 

In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • The anxiety of being a single female traveling in a foreign country
  • What inspired Samantha to become a breathwork facilitator
  • Reflecting on COV!D: How the mask mandates impacted Samantha
  • How Samantha healed her cavity naturally
  • The natural psychedelic: breathwork’s impact on our emotional well-being


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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  • “I have a lot of male friends who live in, and travel to, Costa Rica and they all say, ‘It’s such a great place, it’s super safe.’ I get that, but they do not get what it’s like to travel as a single female. Safe or not, you just never know what’s going to happen.” 
    • Samantha
    • 10:37
  • “The level of anxiety that built up every time I put that mask on was so uncomfortable. When Gayton and I would leave the house to run errands, all I did was complain about wearing the mask. I couldn’t handle it.”
    • Samantha
    • 35:54
  • “In ceremony, when you are going through so much discomfort, I would be lying there saying to myself, ‘just breathe and come back to your breathe.’”
    • Samantha
    • 36:08


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