Podcast Episode 242: Achieving Mental Wealth, Speaking Up & Thriving Through the Madness of The World with Kaylor Betts

As the self-described anti-woke, freedom-fighting life coach, Kaylor Bett’s loves to dive into uncomfortable topics, push people’s buttons and offer new perspectives that inspire others to take ownership of their lives. After one long pot-pen-fueled, anxious Netflix binge, Kaylor finally got off his ass, started to sweat and began taking steps that would become the pillars of his mental wealth mindset. In today’s episode, Samantha and Kaylor dive head first into a variety of touchy topics, most notably how the pandemic exposed the true intentions of the government and pharmaceutical companies. Kaylor also offers up his recommendations for gaining mental, financial and social freedom and ruffles some feathers along the way. 


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • Why the seven-minute doctor’s visit and talk therapy aren’t enough
  • Simple changes to begin feeling less anxious
  • Kaylor’s life-changing COV!D post: Speaking your truth
  • Conscious social media consumption 
  • What it really means to be wealthy


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Top relevant quotes:

  • “There are some unbelievable therapists out there, but I think, just like most industries, there are probably people there that shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing and have the responsibility that they have.”
    • Kaylor Betts
    • 10:32
  • “I wish I could say there was a tip or trick that will make anxiety go away, but the reality is that healing is complicated, nuanced and everyone has a unique situations.”
    • Kaylor
    • 18:07
  • “When COVID came around, it exposed a lot of what’s wrong with our world and our systems. It not only exposed the government and how much they’re willing to infringe on our rights and freedoms. It also exposed how corrupt the pharmaceutical companies are.”
    • Kaylor
    • 33:21
  • “If you can find the courage to just be who you truly are, you will get disliked for it, but, after awhile, you’ll start to realize that the wrong people go and the right people come.” 
    • Kaylor
    • 40:40
  • “Unless you want to go live on a farm and completely check out, which is admirable and cool, we need to learn to adapt to social media and the internet because they’re not going anywhere.”
    • Kaylor
    • 43:12 
  • “We criticize how much we the people who are very pro COVID, lockdowns and mandates live in fear, but I’m seeing that in our community too. People are so afraid, pessimistic and afraid of the future.”
    • Kaylor
    • 49:23
  • “I think a lot of people realized, ‘Wow, when these vaccine mandates come out, I can literally lose everything, at the snap of a finger, if I don’t want to inject some experimental pharmaceutical in me. That’s a problem. Part of playing the long game is making sure that you have financial leverage.” 
    • Kaylor
    • 54:43 
  • “If you want to be wealthy, you have to break all of the conditioning of what society, your parents, friends and teachers have been telling you of what wealth really is. What they’ve been telling you is a lie. Learn to tolerate more because you’ll get more.
    • Kaylor
  • “Don’t tolerate mediocrity because the average person that we consider in this society is broke, sick, tired and lost. I’ve seen it over and over again.”
    • Kaylor
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