Podcast Episode 241- Biz Class Part 2: Mastering Your Mindset & Knowing Your Customer Avatar

As humans, we have a knack for overcomplicating things and getting in our own way. Today’s solo episode is all about simplifying and streamlining your message. Samantha walks us through the process of establishing your niche by mastering your mindset and really getting to know who your customer avatar is. Once you know exactly who you’re selling to, what you’re offering them, and why it matters, the leads will come pouring in. 


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • Don’t wait to start your email list!
  • The distinction between your niche and your ideal customer avatar
  • Why diction is important: don’t operate from a place of desperation
  • Finding and speaking to the gap in your market
  • Good and bad examples of marketing messages 
  • Using the narrative storytelling framework to start storyselling


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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  • “A lot of us are scared to niche down because we feel like we’re going to miss the opportunity of speaking to more people, but it’s actually quite the opposite. When you niche down, it means you’re speaking more to the right people.”
    • Samantha
    • 19:13
  • “Oftentimes, our ideal client is ourselves.” 
    • Samantha
    • 40:47
  • “What we are really doing is storyselling. The more we can step into sharing our own story, the more we’re going to build a connection with other people.”
    • Samantha
    • 45:12
  • “If your communication is complicated, then you’re complicating the opportunity for someone to buy.”
    • Samantha
    • 50:56
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