Podcast Episode 238: Medicinal Mushrooms for Menopause, Stress, Sleep & Libido with Brandi Garden

Let’s face it, as we get into our forties, our resilience is declining. There are so many hormonal shifts within the perimenopause period that can create a cascade of effects that leave us feeling stressed and unbalanced. If only there were some sort of magic elixir that could help us thrive through perimenopause, meeting all the shifts with grace and vigor. In today’s episode, Brandi Garden, from Eversio Wellness, returns to the show to tell you all about how functional, medicinal mushrooms can be the magic that helps you through your biggest hormonal shift yet. Brandi and Samantha talk all about which types of mushrooms to take at what times, and how much to take to ensure efficacy. With the proper medicinal mushroom protocol in place, you can move through perimenopause feeling balanced, rooted and grounded without pharmaceuticals.     


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • What are adaptogens and how they can help menopausal symptoms
  • Diving into the data: Reishi’s benefits on sleep
  • The “Pixie Dusting” problem within the industry
  • Proper dosage recommendations—what, when and how much
  • The benefits of combining different types of mushrooms
  • Medicinal mushrooms for children? Yes!


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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  • “An adaptogen is just a natural substance that can help your body adapt to stress.”
    • Brandi
    • 13:02
  •  “The world is not getting better—we have to get better and we can get better by building resilience to it. So, in come the mushrooms.”
    • Brandi
    • 20:14
  • “New research out on reishi shows that, in the United States, 74% of reishi products bought in grocery stores today had no reishi in them.”
    • Brandi
    • 42:33
  • “In general, most of the good research out there shows that you need about 3,000mg of any of the medicinal mushrooms to get any effect from them.”
    • Brandi
    • 44:54
  • “Within the last year, I’ve had this epiphany where I don’t think that any of these mushrooms are meant to be used in isolation. They are better together.”
    • Brandi
    • 47:42
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