Podcast Episode 237: Codependency & Inner Child Work with Victoria Albina

Samantha chats with Victoria Albina, a Master Certified Somatic Life Coach, meditation guide, and self-proclaimed Latina nervous system nerd, with a focus on codependency, people-pleasing and perfectionism. In this episode, Victoria passionately, and with expertise, explains how a host of different topics, such as hormones, orgasms and emotional outsourcing, relate to the sympathetic, dorsal and ventral vagal modes of the nervous system. With a better understanding of how and why our nervous system functions, we can become empowered to quit thinking our feelings, break free from toxic relationships and reclaim our joy.


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • Defining emotional outsourcing 
  • Codependency, people-pleasing and perfectionism
  • Sympathetic, dorsal and ventral vagal modes of the nervous system
  • Critiquing cancel culture: sympathy for the inner child 
  • Defining “triggered” as it relates to stress, distress or trauma
  • The impact that orgasms have on our nervous systems


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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  • “Most of us who live as emotional outsourcers are living from the neck up. We’re thinking our feelings instead of feeling our feelings.”
    • Victoria
    • 7:51
  • “You have been given this rare gift of being born a human. Each and every day, no matter what the circumstances of your life are, you get to decide how to meet it.” 
    • Victoria
    • 11:00
  • “I’m Argentine and we are natural born hustlers. I will always get it done, but I no longer do it from that hustle, busy energy. I do it from a calm and grounded heart and a calm and grounded nervous system.”
    • Victoria
  • “Our nervous system reacts in milliseconds. When we react in our old ways, it doesn’t mean that we’re ‘unhealed’ or ‘broken’. It means that we’re mammals mammaling along through life and that we always have the ability to come back, apologize own what’s ours and breathe into our capacity to do it different next time.”  
    • Victoria
    • 22:05
  • “Trauma is not what happened to you, it’s how your individual nervous system reacted to life.”
    • Victoria
    • 27:56
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