Podcast Episode 233: Breathwork, Ice Baths & Sauna Therapy with Robbie Bent

In most cultures around the world, alcohol is the focal point of almost all forms of entertainment. Sports games, comedy shows, concerts–you name it. It’s because alcohol is such an effective antidote to the social anxiety that plagues so many of us in our face-paced, densely populated, modern world. In an effort to break his own patterned use of alcohol and cocaine, Robbie Bent embarked on a ten day vipassana retreat in Israel, followed by multiple plant-medicine ceremonies, and returned home with a new lease on life. These experiences set the trajectory for him to begin helping others benefit in a similar, more accessible way with his own wellness company, Othership. In today’s episode, Robbie tells us how Othership has become an effective, healthy alternative to alcohol-fueled evenings, by providing a new form of entertainment where sauna, ice bath and breathwork are the centerpiece of a fun night out.

In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • Robbie’s main takeaways from his 10 day vipassana retreat
  • How and why Robbie’s company, Othership aims to be an alternative to alcohol-centered events
  • The primary differences between breathwork and meditation
  • Different types of breathwork and their effects
  • The 5 pillars of health and the benefits of nose-breathing

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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  • “I tried a few things that didn’t really work, like therapy and the twelve step program, all that kind of stuff, but it was only through meditation and psychedelic medicines that I was actually able to stop using alcohol and cocaine.”
    • Robbie
    • 10:00
  • “Everything is geared around alcohol. It’s a way we get over social anxiety in groups.”
    • Robbie
    • 10:28
  • “Breathwork is really a toolkit you have. It’s kind of like having an antidepressant, coffee, psychedelic medicine–all of these different tools on you–depending on which state you want to reach.”
    • Robbie
    • 34:15
  • “There’s such a stigma around feeling bad and feeling unpleasant emotions, but everyone, everyday, feels unpleasant emotions.”
    • Robbie
    • 45:05


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