Podcast Episode 232: Achieving Hormonal Balance Through an Alchemical & Elemental Perspective with Katrina Dollano

Acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner, Katrina Dollano is the co-founder and clinical director at “What’s Good,” a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness company grounded in honoring the wisdom of our bodies and the power of mother nature. In today’s episode, Katrina and Samantha talk about Katrina’s training in Daoist Chinese medicine and how it differs from the western approach, how the five elements impact womens’ health and hormones, big T and little T trauma, and plant medicine, particularly Katrina’s use of ayahuasca throughout the duration of her second pregnancy. 


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • Big T and Little T trauma: How acupuncture can lift both from the body
  • The five elements and their impact on women’s health and hormones
  • Acknowledging the inherent power of the body to heal itself
  • How Katrina designed her acupuncture space to feel ‘womblike’
  • Katrina’s experiences with plant medicine–using ayahuasca throughout pregnancy


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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  • “In western medicine, if you pay attention to the way they talk about the process of disease, it’s really coming from this combat, war based paradigm. You have to ‘fight’ disease vs. Chinese medicine, where we use a lot of symbolism that comes from nature, like ‘heat’, ‘cold’ and ‘dampness.’” 
    • Katrina Dollano
    • 15:37
  • “I ask patients all the time, ‘What do you do for fun?’ and across the board, people are like, ‘I don’t have time for hobbies.’ It’s so important to take fun for fun and enjoyment because it allows your adrenal system to just chill instead of always being on high alert, pumping out stress hormones.”
    • Katrina
    • 27:35
  • “I think a lot of people forget how powerful the body is, and the things it can do, as we’ve become reliant on these external things like doctors, medications and supplements. They have their use, but we’ve forgotten the inherent power and the wisdom the body contains and, when we remove those blockages, miracles can happen.”
    • Katrina
    • 33:22
  • “If it wasn’t for ayahuasca, my husband and I would probably be on the way to divorce. It helped me to look at myself with different eyes and see how I project things onto him and to other people. It’s very much like what happens with acupuncture, except ayahuasca moves much quicker. It’s such a beautiful thing.” 
    • Katrina
    • 58:01
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