Podcast Episode 229: How to Be Loving: Self Compassion, Shadow Work, and Being More Receptive to Higher Guidance with Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte has been a leading figure in the spiritual space, helping people around the world to learn how to be more loving, for quite some time. Today on the show, Samantha chats with Danielle–one of her idols–and the two cover a wide range of topics, including, love, the ego, virtue signaling, spiritual bypassing, cancel culture and addiction. The culture and technology of the modern age have given us more reasons than ever to feel anxious. Danielle reminds us to meet and treat this seemingly inevitable anxiety with the same unwavering love and compassion that we would give to our five-year-old selves. By internally practicing true acceptance and self-love, and by living in a contemplative, heart-centered way, we are doing our part in inspiring others to also pursue the desire to embody love. 


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • What love is and is not
  • The problems that come along with overidentifying with our feelings
  • Why it’s noble to desire & embody love
  • Healing our inner child – making all that is unconscious conscious
  • Danielle’s take on virtue signaling, spiritual bypassing and cancel culture
  • How setting boundaries can help you connect with love

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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  • “Contrary to pop culture, love is not a feeling or an emotion. Love is a virtue, a higher state of consciousness and a way of being.”
    • Danielle LaPorte
    • 12:51
  • “Some of us move towards the ideal and the healthy pleasure, and some of us are more motivated by pain. You get to pick.”
    • Danielle
    • 20:33
  • “Heart-centered living is all about living a reflective life, but most of us are not raised to live reflective lives.” 
    • Danielle
    • 20:37
  • “There’s really only one good use of desire: to desire to embody love. If you focus on that, anything that’s not love slips away.”
    • Danielle
    • 38:52
  • “Stop asking your anxiety to be relaxed. It’s showing up as is, so just love it! If you can get bigger to hold it, you will get more powerful and it will not control you as much.”
    • Danielle
    • 41:17
  • “Yes, positivity is great but. if you are hating on your negative thoughts, it’s going to be problematic for you.”
    • Danielle
    • 50:17
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