Podcast Episode 228: The Power of Light for Energy, Fertility, Hormones and Sleep with Roudy Nassif

Being light-conscious is one of the simplest, cheapest, yet most overlooked approaches to health and hormonal healing. In today’s episode, engineer and light expert, Roudy Nassif, talks about the way light affects our overall health, including its impact on our mitochondria, blood glucose, adrenal health and sleep. He also explains why most bluelight blocking glasses on the market are actually not that effective and how this inspired him to create his own bluelight blocking glasses company, Viva Rays. Roudy offers up some simple, effective ways in which we can realign ourselves with the natural cycles that have forever driven our evolution and create lasting harmony with the environment that we live in.


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • Why light is so important in establishing circadian rhythm
  • How to get proper light exposure in harsh seasons/climates
  • The importance of eating seasonal foods
  • Tips for making your home a healthy light environment
  • Roudy’s thoughts on magnetism and the benefits of being barefoot


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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  • “We are light beings and physical reality is just light that is vibrating at a lower speed. The quality of our light exposure will literally determine the quality of our sleep, focus, cognition, productivity, mood and well-being.”
    • Rowdy Nassif
    • 15:51
  • “The problem for us, as human beings, is that we are spending most of our time indoors in artificial lighting that is constant all the time. It’s emitting high-frequency blue light that is deficient in the other frequencies of colors and has close to no UV and infrared light.”
    • Roudy Nassif
    • 22:31
  • “No matter how cloudy it is, when we step outside, we are getting at least 1,000 time more brightness and photons into our eyes than indoors. Every frequency of light is purposeful and acts as medicine to our bodies.”
    • Roudy
    • 25:49
  • “How is it possible for sunlight, the most powerful nutrient in our solar system, to be dangerous? Conventional medicine has not caught up with the new understanding of how powerful and important UV light is to our biology.”
    • Roudy
    • 39:59
  • “Everyone is so focused on dogmatic diets—eliminating this food and adding that food—but no one is looking at how to create harmony with the environment that we live in. We need to look back at nature and realign ourselves with the natural cycles that have forever driven our evolution.”
    • Roudy
    • 53:43
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