Podcast Episode 223: An Honest AF Conversation with Kelli Moore

Today, we’re having a transparent and honest AF conversation with Kelli Moore, the co-founder and CEO of Soulfire Productions, on her fertility and IVF journey. Kelli gives a play-by-play of the timeline of IVF, unpacking the extreme lows she experienced from the medications, and how it painfully impacted her relationship with herself and her husband. Kelli gives insight into what to look for and questions to ask providers when considering IVF. She also shares differences in the 1st versus 2nd trimesters, pregnant sex struggles, and the necessity of therapy.


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • Kelli’s fertility journey & how she prepped her body for IVF
  • The extreme lows Kelli experienced from IVF medications
  • The necessity of couple’s therapy
  • Body changes & pregnant sex struggles
  • Self-advocacy with IVF & in the medical system
  • Postpartum plan as a CEO

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  • I think the mistake we made from the very beginning is that I didn’t ask enough questions. I trusted the IVF process and didn’t realize that in so many ways I was betraying my body and self by not asking questions, like how the drugs would make me feel.
    • 9:10
  • The IVF process and being pregnant in general has really shown me how women are expected to just give their bodies away to be vessels for babies.
    • 25


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