Podcast Episode 222: Biz Chat: Heal Limiting Beliefs to Make More Money with Lesya Holzapfel

As the founder and CEO of BSB Tribe and CKCC, Lesya Holzapfel helps high-achieving, professional women shed fat utilizing a clean keto and carb cycling approach. Today, you’ll hear the ups and downs of her entrepreneurship journey, and what she’s learned about limiting beliefs and abundance while growing her business. Lesya unpacks how the success of her launches was linked to her mindset around money, and how raising her prices brought more success. Through her honest and transparent sharing, you’ll gain insight into money mindset work and how to combine strategy with self-trust in business.

In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • How raising Lesya’s prices brought more success
  • Challenges Lesya overcame while growing her business
  • How Lesya healed her limiting beliefs
  • Combining strategy with self-trust
  • Mentors & coaches: why you NEED to invest in yourself


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  3. What is the price point where you wake up in the morning excited to serve your clients? I changed my membership price, added a VIP package, tripled my price for private coaching, and now I fully look forward to coaching my clients.
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