Podcast Episode 217: The Power of Medicinal Mushrooms for Whole Body Health with Brandi Garden

Brandi Garden is the owner of Eversio Wellness, a family owned and operated Canadian mushroom wellness company with the mission to change lives through fungi. The fungi kingdom found Brandi after three bouts with skin cancer, caused by the pharmaceutical she’d been prescribed for over a decade. She’s since started Eversio with her husband, and has become a passionate advocate for the daily use of medicinal mushrooms as preventative and natural medicine and an alternative to pharmaceuticals.     


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • Brandi’s third battle with skin cancer
  • 5 things to look for when buying high-quality products
  • Pushing for the legalization of psychedelic mushrooms
  • Where to start on your mushroom journey 


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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  • “I don’t want to trash the pharmaceutical industry, but I do have a sign in my office that says, ‘More fungi, less pharma.’”
    • Brandi Garden
    • 11:30
  • “So many people have looked to pharmaceuticals because that’s what our doctors can offer. I’m ready to change our view on that. I’m super on board for raising kids to look outside of pharmaceuticals whenever possible.”
    • Brandi 
    • 12:08
  • “I think there’s a mushroom for everyone, but not every mushroom is for everyone.”
    • Brandi
    • 21:54
  • “We live in a society that is ready to be given access to consciousness that isn’t talked about enough coming from the school system. We’re not telling kids that they have the default mode network that is running their ego and that, really, the voice in their head is not them.”
    • Brandi
    • 41:54



Option 1 Brandi: 11:50 “It’s such a cool thing. I feel the youngest I’ve ever felt. I’m doing something stressful: new career, we’re entrepreneurs…”

Option 2 Brandi: 15:40 “How to buy high-quality products: 5 things…

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