Podcast Episode 214: The Magic of Castor Oil Packs for Detox and Hormones with Marisol Teijeiro

Naturopathic doctor, award winning author and founder of “Queen of the Thrones” reusable castor oil products, Marisol Teijeiro, is on the show to share all the wonderful things she knows about castor oil packs. What’s the history of castor oil packs? How and why do they work? How often, and when, should you wear one? If you’ve been thinking about trying castor oil, this episode will answer all your questions so you can start experiencing the magic of castor oil today.


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • How Marisol discovered castor oil packs 
  • The history of castor oil packs
  • How and why castor oil packs work
  • When is the optimal time to wear a castor oil pack?


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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  • “It was the castor oil pack. I remember it clearly. In that moment, the sky opened up, literal angels began to sing, and possibility came in front of me. A possibility to feel better. I thought ‘Oh my god, maybe I can be better. Maybe this is achievable.’”
    • Marisol Teijeiro
    • 13:09
  • “The castor oil pack was the thing that re-taught my body how to move into the relaxed state.”
    • Marisol
    • 14:55
  • “I do everything according to the right timing. Because, then, less is more. I would prefer to have less things to do than more things to do in my health, and for my patients too, because I understand their struggle. It is challenging when you have a mountain of supplements.”
    • Marisol
    • 36:41
  • “When I was feeling sick, I just didn’t feel calm or connected. I wasn’t connected to source, and I had no idea what my center was. When I did the castor oil pack,  I was able to find my center and re-balance.”
    • Marisol
    • 46:03



9:54 Marisol: “Here I was…gluten free, dairy free…what I was challenged to do was to destress.”

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