Podcast Episode 213: Why Minerals Matter for Your Health with Nadine Allaham

Nadine Allaham is a formal nutritionist that’s passionate about empowering women with food and, more importantly, building a life that they don’t need an escape from. Today on the show, Samantha and Nadine cover a wide range of food and wellness topics, including minerals, supplements, the thyroid adrenal connection, diet culture and more. The two share the stories and knowledge they’ve gained from their respective health journeys and remind us that the inner critique we all have typically isn’t rooted in facts. What’s most important is that we honour our own needs, listen to our bodies and respond intuitively.

In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • Nadine’s introduction to health and wellness
  • Why should we care about our minerals?
  • Understanding the idiosyncrasies of isolated supplements 
  • Unpacking the thyroid-adrenal connection
  • Nadine’s story with iron during pregnancy
  • How emotions impact our mineral status
  • The pitfalls of diet culture
  • Experimenting with sourdough 


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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  1. “The biggest light bulb moment for me was that my thoughts are not actually fact. My thoughts are creating feelings that are creating action and I have a choice to think different things.”
  1. Nadine Allaham
  2. 11:05
  1. “You don’t just want to start taking supplements just because you see some wellness practitioner or influencer taking it and having a discount code for it. It doesn’t mean that you need it or will be able to absorb it.”
  1. Nadine
  2. 23:36


  1. “Are all of these kids getting sick—all of these skin conditions and auto-immune conditions—is it because, we as women, are not eating nutrient-dense foods and we’re not able to give them what they need to start off?”
  1. Nadine
  2. 39:38
  1. “Things change. Our hormones change and our body fluctuates. Especially as you have babies. Your body is changing, so it’s important to have these honest conversations with yourself about what is healthy and to also recognize the life stage that you’re in.”
  1. Samantha
  2. 46:07



16:11 Nadine: “I feel like people are starting to critically think for themselves and realize, ‘hey, I’m drinking these green smoothies and I’m having a salad every meal, but I’m not feeling good.’”

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