Podcast Episode 20 – Q&A – Sleep, Cycles & Hashimotos + My Trip to Emergency & Cysts

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Are you ready for another exciting Q&A episode? Not only am I going to answer some of your questions that I’ve pulled up from Instagram but I’m going to share a crazy story about appendicitis, ovarian cysts, digestion, and all that good stuff that happened to me over these past few weeks. Let’s dive in!



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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The reasons why you’re waking up several times during the night and what to do about it
  • The ways you can make your elixirs and what to add to them
  • Key things to keep in mind when you have Hashimoto’s
  • The things that can impact your menstrual cycle


Key Takeaways:

  • The top reason women are waking up multiple times during the night is due to blood sugar instability and cortisol issues.
  • Your body cannot heal if you’re not sleeping. When you’re sleeping, that’s how you detoxify and how your body produces human growth hormones.
  • Frankincense essential oil is really great for ovarian cysts.
  • Castor oil is great for detoxification so you can rub it all over your body. It’s also quite soothing and calming, so if you actually find that you have a hard time falling asleep, rub some castor oil all over.


Action Steps:

  • Take time off work.
  • Manage your stress and lifestyle intervention.
  • Make sure you stay on top of re-testing.
  • Eliminate as many inflammatory foods as possible.
  • Pay attention to the different shifts in your body.
  • Level up your self-care by scheduling for an osteopathy or a massage.


Samantha said:

“Pay attention to these different shifts in your body because one little thing starts to have this trickle-down effect and starts to impact so many other things.”


“I feel like sometimes we just are unaware of how good we could potentially feel. So go find out what that potential is because I promise you, there are tweaks that shifts that can be made to really allow you to feel so much better.”


Thanks for listening!


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