Podcast Episode 197: Tidy Up Your Home & Mental Space with the KonMari Method | Lisa Tselebidis

Professional organizer and KonMari certified consultant, Lisa Tselebidis, is on the show to guide us in decluttering and tidying Lisa Tselebidis our homes! She shares how living clutter-free supports our mental health, finances, and time management, and breaks down exactly how you can begin clearing out and organizing your space. Let’s get ready for some spring cleaning!


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • Clutter, stress, & why decluttering can be more effective than therapy
  • The process Lisa takes her clients through for decluttering
  • Rules for maintaining an organized space
  • Organizing by category & ‘the power of the pile’
  • Where to start in your decluttering process
  • How to get your partner on board for tidying


You can find all the info and links about this episode at holisticwellness.ca/episode197.

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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  1. Videogram (scratch) – 34:55 or 45:30
  2. YT (scratch) – 14:50
  3. The average American home has 300,000 items. If something is laying around, it catches our attention, so a lot of clutter comes down to too many things to handle.
    1. 15:20
  4. Ask yourself, ‘What are the three biggest goals you’re trying to achieve with your tidying?’ 
    1. 47:50
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