Podcast Episode 187: Post Covid Supplement Protocol + Copper Deficiency + Medicinal Mushrooms

In today’s solo episode, Samantha unpacks how she’s optimizing her immune system and supporting her recovery process post-Covid. She details her supplement protocol for morning, afternoon, and evening, sharing the ‘why’ behind each ingredient. Samantha also explores her love of medicinal mushrooms and ways to use them, along with the ins and outs of copper deficiency, excess calcium, and the concern over phytates.


In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:

  • What’s currently in Samantha’s morning elixir 
  • Using medicinal mushrooms; fruiting bodies vs. mycelium
  • Inositol for hormones, fertility, & blood sugar
  • Supplements for immune & histamine support post-covid
  • Benefits of supplementing with beef liver
  • What to know about copper deficiency, excess calcium, & phytates
  • The Vitamin D supplementation controversy


You can find all the info and links about this episode at holisticwellness.ca/episode187.

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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  1. Videogram – 10:10, 11, 11:30
  2. YT – 5:50
  3. When you are low in copper, you get a lot of metabolic chaos because copper is involved in supporting over 150 different types of enzymes that are important to cellular health.
    1. 20:10
  4. Soak your grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds to help your digestion and break down some of the phytic acid (which is an anti-nutrient).
    1. 24:30
  5. Beef liver supplements help support fertility, improve energy, exercise performance and recovery, and are great for getting hard-to-get nutrients like copper, B vitamins, zinc, and iron. I’ve noticed a huge improvement since taking it, especially energy-wise.
    1. 30:20
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