Podcast Episode 184 – Welcome to the Rebrand + Trusting Your Inner Voice

Welcome to wellness witch! I’m so excited to bring this rebrand to you! In this episode, I’m diving into all the reasons I decided it was time for a change! And why I felt so much resistance to it.


In this episode of the Wellness Witch:

  • Why Wellness Witch?
  • It doesn’t need to be perfect, do it anyway  
  • Destigmatizing the word “witch” 
  • Trusting intuition and dispelling the fear of criticism
  • What is human design and why it’s so powerful 


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9 Month Mentorship Program

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Witch by Lisa Lister

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Top 3 relevant quotes:

  1. “This rebrand showed me how easy it is to make excuses not to do something because everything isn’t perfect. This was such a reminder to really just let go and that I’m always learning.”
    1. Samantha
    2. 10:10
  2. “With witchcraft, we have this negative connotation around it. It’s like these spells and these potions to hurt people. No, when I think of witchcraft, I think of utilizing herbs in my garden, I think about food, I think about nutrition. All of that’s alchemy to me, in its own shape and form.”
    1. Samantha 
    2. 20:27
  3.  “I can’t please everybody and the more that I keep trying to do that, the only person I end up hurting is myself. I’m just trying to keep the peace and not doing the things that light me up. I need to let go of that and I’m sure that this can resonate with so many of you.”
    1. Samantha
    2. 22:37
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