Podcast Episode 18: Q&A: Nutrition for PCOS, Morning & Nighttime Routines, Breast Cancer Prevention + Bone Broth

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I am really excited to dive into another Q&A episode today! I hope to offer up some strategies and support to help you guys move forward from whatever it is that’s concerning you with regards to your hormones and your health. Let’s dive in!



Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Nutrition steps you can implement to better take care of your hormones
  • Creating more structure in your day to day with morning and night routines
  • Preventing breast cancer from becoming your destiny
  • Things that contribute to breast cancer risk
  • My favorite way to make bone broth


Key Takeaways:

  • Insulin is such a master hormone in your body that when it’s imbalanced or when you have insulin resistance, it starts to impact all your other sex hormones. Having high amounts of insulin can actually force your ovaries to overproduce testosterone.
  • Hormonal birth control increases the risk of breast cancer.
  • Women who drink two glasses of wine a night increase their breast cancer risk by 250%.


Action Steps:

  • Stop snacking. Instead, focus on a clean whole foods diet.
  • Have non-negotiables in your morning and night routines.
  • Eliminate or cut back on alcohol intake.
  • Have an exercise routine and make that commitment to daily movement.
  • Experiment and get creative in the kitchen using different varieties of fruits and vegetables.


Samantha said:

“The more frequently you eat throughout the day, the more you’re going to spike your insulin. So take out the snacks, eat in meals, and try and balance your meals with that protein, fat and fiber intake… that is by far the best way to support your insulin.”


“Remember, everything that we do for detoxification supports our liver, and our liver metabolizes our hormones. So really important that with a lot of hormonal conditions, we want to make sure that we’re supporting the liver as best as we can.


Thanks for listening!


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