Podcast Episode 172: Unraveling Your BS (a.k.a. Belief Systems) and Diving Into Your Subconscious Mind

What are your blind blots and belief systems that block you from achieving your goals? Delve into your subconscious mind with the CEO and founder of C.E.O. Blueprint Adele Tevlin and find out how you can reshape your thinking to start living the life you want.


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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • The conscious mind vs the subconscious mind
  • Where our limiting beliefs come from
  • Unraveling our belief systems
  • Why we commit self-sabotage


Key Takeaways:

  • People have a kind of programming in their life based on their childhood. We have a set of beliefs that we inherited from our parents at a time in our life when we couldn’t choose them for ourselves, and that foundational period becomes the lens with which we see the world.
  • The conscious mind is your intellect. It’s what gives you the ability to think and reason and the ability to accept and reject information. The subconscious mind, on the other hand, can’t reject but only accept everything as fact, so it is very susceptible to suggestion.
  • Awareness is like learning to ride a bike, and your soul, your higher self, has that. Once you discover and uncover certain lies and truths and do the deeper healing, you’ll never forget it.


Action Steps:

  • Unravel your belief systems by taking a look at your results. Your life is a result of what you believe
  • Know where you’re at in an honest, humble conversation. Some people need to learn to put the pedal to the metal while others need to take their foot off the pedal.


Adele said:

“If you never do the work to question what you believe, you end up believing something that someone else told you. So the question then becomes ‘Are you living your life or someone else’s life?’”


“Any successful person knows that the minute they start to succeed, they’re met with temporary defeat. What are you going to do at that moment, sink or swim? But most people stop because they are obsessed with being comfortable.” 


Thanks for listening!


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