Podcast Episode 160: AVOID These Top Hormone Mistakes

What are some of the common mistakes that women are making when it comes to their health and their hormones? Find out and avoid making the same mistakes.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • 8 mistakes that women are making
  • Undereating or completely avoiding animal products (specifically animal protein)
  • Excessive cardio
  • Focusing just on weight


Key Takeaways:

  • The differences that animal proteins and saturated fats play in women’s health are significant.
  • One of the reasons why we must eat adequate amounts of protein is that it plays an essential role in maintaining muscle mass.
  • Strength training is important for insulin management and overall hormonal support. It’s also amazing for bone density.


Action Steps:

  • Include enough animal protein in your diet.
  • Avoid excessive cardio workouts.
  • Don’t just focus on weight but dive deeper into the impact of your hormones on your body


Samantha said:

“It’s important that we remain open to different possibilities of healing. Sometimes we can get really stuck in one way and not want to see the other possibilities that are available to us.”


“Weight is a symptom of something deeper going on in the body.”


Thanks for listening!


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