Podcast Episode 157: Finding Your Strong, Miscarriages and Body Transformation

How do you find YOUR strong? Renowned body transformation specialist Jenny Van Barneveld a.k.a. Coach JVB talks about helping women feel strong, confident, and empowered in their bodies and their lives through fitness.


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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • What inspired Jenny to become a body transformation coach
  • How Jenny battled with an eating disorder and how her miscarriages led her to take a deeper look into her hormone health
  • What Jenny’s lifestyle looked like before and after her miscarriages
  • Jenny’s role as the President of STRONG Fitness Magazine and how her life has shifted since taking on that role


Key Takeaways:

  • Doing cardio workouts twice a day is just training your body to do more to lose fat. But it can damage your metabolism especially if you’re not fueling your body properly.
  • Eating right is 90% of the battle when you’re trying to lose body fat. You have to know how much you’re eating.
  • Rest days between the days you’re weight training are when your body makes those changes.


Action Steps:

  • Focus on strength instead of weight loss.
  • Learn to fill your body with the right nutrients, and don’t be afraid of food and calories.
  • When it comes to weight training, train smarter, not harder.
  • If you’re new to weight lifting, try it three times a week. Then, bump it up to four times a week.


Jenny said:

“I look at those experiences [of miscarraige] now as a blessing, because it did allow me to dig deeper into my own health.”


“One of our Strong Girl’s methods is ‘aspire to inspire’ — sharing your journey because you never know who you’re going to inspire when you share your journey.”


Thanks for listening!


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