Podcast Episode 136: Tips, Strategies and Real Talk on Life, Health, Beauty and Business to Kickstart 2021

Where’s a good place to start to kick off the New Year? Set great intentions and connect to what moves the needle. Listen in as I share a few words on health, beauty, life, and business.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Life
  • Health
  • Beauty
  • Business

Key Takeaways:

  • Hydration is key for beautiful skin.
  • Being in nature soothes the soul.
  • Healthy fat is your friend.
  • Movement helps to connect you with your body and intuition.
  • Growing and scaling a business takes risks and trusting the unknown.
  • Sleep is the cornerstone of health. If you’re not sleeping, you’re not healing.
  • Align with your human design for more ease and flow.
  • Nothing is an emergency. Slow the f*** down.
  • Sugar, gluten, and dairy — the three biggest inflammatory culprits.
  • Anxiety, overwhelm, fear — your breath can do wonders here.
  • Oil cleansing is the go-to for beautiful, bright skin.
  • Essential oils are plant magic and so healing.
  • Nutrition, sleep, stress, supplements, your relationships, sex life, your creative outlet — all of these play important roles in your health and your healing.
  • Sex is amazing for your sex hormones and for lowering cortisol.
  • Healthy boundaries are essential for your self-care.
  • Whatever it is you want to achieve with your health or business, you can’t do it alone.
  • Mistakes and failures are always lessons in learning.
  • Your gut and intuition know best.
  • We all play a role in the health of our planet and we all must do our part.
  • It’s actions over thinking. It’s your actions that are going to bring results.

Action Steps:

  • Focus on hydration when you want to optimize the health and beauty of your skin.
  • Go for walks and spend more time in nature.
  • Make sure to include healthy fat in your diet.
  • If you’re looking to connect more deeply with your body, bring in more movement to your day.
  • Learn to take risks and work your trust muscle in business.
  • Don’t neglect sleep and set healthy boundaries around it. Get into a healthy routine in terms of when you go to bed and when you wake up, and keep to that routine even on weekends.
  • Know your human design and learn more about it.
  • Stop rushing through things all the time.
  • Eliminate sugar, gluten, and dairy from your diet. Or at least minimize your intake.
  • Do breathwork.
  • Go for oil cleansing.
  • Use essential oils.
  • Recognize the importance of your relationships and having a creative outlet for your health and healing.
  • Make time for sex.
  • Eat more vegetables.
  • Build your team of people around your health and business. Hire experts and find your support network to help you grow.
  • Reframe how you see your failures and your mistakes, and never give up based on what has happened in the past.
  • Trust what your instincts are telling you.
  • Stop waiting. There’s no perfect time to launch your business or wear that bathing suit or whatever it is you tell yourself. Go and do it now.
  • Reduce. Re-use. Recycle.
  • Detox yourself from unhealthy relationships.
  • Lean into your fears. Your fears are lessons. Don’t avoid them.
  • Lead with love.


Samantha said:

“I don’t always know the answers. I don’t always know exactly how things are going to work out. I just know that I’m going to show up in full integrity and authenticity, and show up for my community and do my best work, and trust that it’s going to work out.”


“Nutrition, sleep, stress, supplements, your relationships, sex life, your creative output… No one magic bullet that is going to magically fix you. It is all of these things.”


Thanks for listening!


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