Podcast Episode 128: The Vagina Monologues – Fertility Awareness Method & Period Health

What exactly is the fertility awareness method? Do you still find it confusing to track your cycle? Understand your cycle better and dive into all things vagina health with certified fertility awareness educator and holistic reproductive health practitioner Lisa Hendrickson-Jack.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The birth control pill, its side effects, and the alternatives that you should consider
  • Cycle health and ovulation
  • Common health problems with the menstrual cycle and what to look out for
  • Cervical mucus and cervix positioning
  • The fertility awareness method
  • The factors that might affect your temperature reading
  • Ovulation predictor kits
  • Some nutrition and lifestyle strategies that you can implement to optimize your cycle


Key Takeaways:

  • With the birth control pill, there are issues with how women have not been informed or not been given the full picture of it. About half of the women, within a year of starting the pill, come off of it because of the side effects.
  • The pill is associated with a whole host of side effects, the most common of which are depression, anxiety, and low libido.
  • For a certain percentage of women, the pill contributes to painful sex, the thinning of the labia, the vaginal opening, and even the shrinkage of the clitoris.
  • The pill is known to deplete a significant number of nutrients including B vitamins.
  • Studies have shown that adolescent girls who are on hormonal birth control are much more likely to also be on antidepressants.
  • The ovulation predictor kit doesn’t confirm that you ovulated. What it does is measure a luteinizing hormone, and the strips are programmed with different thresholds. 


Action Steps:

  • Consider getting off the pill if you’re on it and find an alternative.
  • Take it into your own hands to learn about your body, and take the responsibility to pass that on to women.
  • Make sure you’re not undereating. Start with 3 square meals a day with a good balance of protein, fat, and low glycemic carbohydrates.
  • Reduce your chemical exposure.


Lisa said:

“For many women, learning to chart the menstrual cycle and understanding how it changes in relation to overall health makes it a fantastic biomarker to pay attention to.”


“The pill is central to feminism. It’s like the symbol of feminism because of what it represents. It represents women being able to take charge of their fertility.” 


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