Podcast Episode 126: Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Three Times – Strategies, Healing and the Resiliency of Your Mind and Body

How do you bounce back from getting diagnosed with breast cancer three times? Founder of  CanPrev Tanya Salituro shares her inspiring story of healing from breast cancer and how she started her company.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Tanya’s journey of surviving breast cancer
  • The factors that might be contributing to cancer
  • How to get rid of excess estrogen in your body
  • Detoxifying
  • Cancer prevention strategies
  • The 4 most important contributors to health


Key Takeaways:

  • The body can bounce back in so many ways.
  • If the cancer is hormonal-related and estrogen-dominant, you’ll need to get rid of the excess estrogen in your body.
  • It’s your liver that helps you get rid of excess hormones in your body.
  • The current statistics show that one in eight women will get diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. But men can also get breast cancer.
  • A study shows that if you get into nature and smell the forest, your body gets an immune boost.
  • The 4 most important contributors to health:
  1. Nutrition
  2. Happiness
  3. Exercise
  4. Sleep
  • Health is physical, and health is mental. Physical health is only half of how healthy you are. The whole other side of health is how healthy is your mind, your emotions, your soul.


Action Steps:

  • Work with your doctors. Stand up for yourself and make sure you’re heard by them. Make sure all your questions get answered.
  • Support your liver.
  • Don’t let breast cancer sneak up on you. Try for early detection by taking control of your breasts. Make sure you’re checking them every month. When you’re suspicious of something, go to your doctor.


Tanya said:

“We have to be optimistic. We have to believe in ourselves and believe in our body’s ability to heal.”


“Generally, you’ve got to take your health into your own hands. Take your breasts, literally, into your own hands… I want every woman out there to know it’s so important. Don’t be afraid. Just Dive in there and learn your body.”


“If you can accept that change is inevitable and you don’t fight your reality and you make the best of your situation — and if you can even make yourself smile and laugh a little bit through it, then you’ve learned a powerful lesson.”


Thanks for listening!


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