Podcast Episode 110: Reclaiming Power Over Your Health + Thought Work + Epigenetics and Essential Oils

How can we navigate these challenging times and do the work of creating a better world starting with ourselves? Become a guru of your own health and happiness. Listen in as life coach Dr. Laura Hughes shares her thoughts on how we can reclaim our power over our health with the help of essential oils. 


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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Getting into essential oils and what it means to be a doTERRA advocate and create a business
  • What epigenetics is all about
  • How essential oils play a role in epigenetics
  • Reclaiming your power over your health
  • Managing your brain, your thoughts, and our hormones
  • How you can integrate essential oils to support your journey of reclaiming your health
  • What makes doTERRA different from other brands
  • Laura’s essential oil routine


Key Takeaways:

  • Your genes aren’t your destiny. Just because you have a gene, it doesn’t mean it’s going to express itself.
  • Whether a gene gets turned on or off is largely dictated by your dietary choices, your stress, your environmental toxins, and your physical activity.
  • The essential oils fit into all the things in our life that we should be thinking of in terms of having the healthiest epigenome that we can have.


Action Steps:

  • Think about what feelings are coming up in your body and what thoughts are creating those feelings because it’s your feelings that drive your actions that in turn create results.
  • Look at the thoughts in your head and where they’re coming from and look at how you can change them to further influence the emotions that drive your actions.
  • Do thought work.
  • Make sure your brain is as sharp as it can be.


Laura said:

“Basically everything we know that creates a foundation for good wellness influences these epigenetic mechanisms that can turn on and off our genes.”


“We have so much power over our health, and we’ve never been taught that.”


Thanks for listening!


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