Podcast Episode 103: Transitioning from Estrogen Dominance to Estrogen Absence + Women’s Health over 40

What is the impact of estrogen dominance to women over 40? What happens when you transition from estrogen dominance to estrogen absence? Certified health coach Maria Claps shares her expertise and knowledge about this subject to give us an episode that’s packed with valuable information.


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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Estrogen dominance and how it changes in women as they age
  • What happens when your estrogen starts to drop off
  • The different symptoms and problems that can arise with low estrogen
  • The best way to make the transition from estrogen dominance to estrogen absence
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and when you should consider it
  • The DUTCH test
  • Bioidentical hormones vs synthetic hormones


Key Takeaways:

  • Estrogen dominance is when your estrogen is out of balance with your progesterone. It essentially tends to be a progesterone deficiency.
  • Women can go from estrogen dominance to estrogen absence at some point in their 40s and they don’t always know when that shift has occurred.
  • You need a good, robust amount of estrogen at about the 12th day of your cycle in order to ovulate, and when you ovulate, you get progesterone.
  • When your estrogen lowers, you can experience symptoms like vaginal dryness, but flashes, and mood issues.


Action Steps:

  • Learn more about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.
  • Cut down your carbohydrates.
  • Exercise according to your adrenal capacity.


Maria Claps:

“Your sex hormones in balance will make for much easier weight loss.”


“My number one tip for women that are in that menopausal transition is to stop eating so many carbohydrates… You simply do not have the metabolic bandwidth, with age, to be eating copious amounts of carbohydrates.”


Thanks for listening!


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