Don’t Make THIS New Year’s Resolution Mistake

 Welcome to 2017!
*WARNING* – If you’ve made a NY resolution to lose weight and get healthy this year, then read this ENTIRE POST! 
Well… where do I begin.
I’m super excited for what lies ahead this year and I’m more excited about YOU and the possibility that lies ahead for all your health goals. 
But here’s the thing I see over and over again every year…
People making resolutions for someone else (ie. impressing someone, media propaganda, spouse and/or kids).
People making resolutions for a short term goal (ie. vacation, a wedding or special upcoming event).
People making resolutions for an external reward (ie. they want to look a certain way vs. being healthy). 
People making resolutions to prove something to others (ie. because someone told you you couldn’t do it!). 
I see this every. single. year. 
And although these can be things to propel us forward and initially ignite a spark under our ass to get things started; it’s not sustainable. 
You have to want to lose weight for YOU. You have to want to get healthy for YOU. Because you want to FEEL a certain way, BE a certain way and live your LIFE a certain way. 
THIS is sustainable. 
Years ago when my PMS was brutal, my diet wasn’t so great and my gut health and digestion was suffering, I always compared myself to others. 
How they looked, how they felt, how they ate. 
It wasn’t until I started nutrition school that I started to learn about physiology and how my body actually functioned. I started to learn and educate myself about food, nutrition and how it all impacted my health. 
This was a game changer for me. I became more aware of HOW I was harming my body, WHAT I was missing and WHY it all mattered!
I mean, how many times have you gone to the doctor, he/she prescribed a prescription and you walked away without asking questions, took the medication and carried on as usual. 
That’s because you didn’t know there was another way. A healthier option. And also because we think our Doctors know best. 
Actually, YOU know best. 
As you probably know, I’m working on an exclusive Heal Your Gut Program, which will be launching next week. This program contains your supplements, meal plan and 4 weeks of support from me. 
Because I don’t just want you popping any supplement and following just any recipe.
I want to give you the EXACT tools and strategies I use in my practice with my clients and the protocol I’ve been using to heal my gut, optimize my digestive, balance my hormones and stay fit and healthy!
This will be a game-changing program.
Next week, as we kick off the launch of this amazing program, I want to invite you to my FREE webinar – 5 Reasons Your Gut is Making You Fat. 
You’ll learn simple steps you can implement right away to take control of your weight, improve your gut health and start the year off on the right healthy foot!
Click here to grab your spot for the webinar.
It’s totally free. And if you can’t make it live, sign up anyways to receive the replay!
I can’t wait to connect with you next week πŸ™‚ 
Cheers to a Healthy and Happy New Year and Making Resolutions for YOU!
Your Health Coach, 
Samantha, RHN


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