DIY All-Natural Blemish Spot Treatment

Don’t you hate those mornings when you wake up with a big zit on your forehead?
It totally sucks!
But there’s a solution. 
And this solution can combat more than just your zits. In fact, it’s amazing for reducing inflamed skin, healing scars and minimizing wrinkles. 
I’ve been working hard behind the scenes over here putting together delicious eating for beauty recipes and DIY body care recipes that will give you glowing vibrant skin and this DIY spot treatment is a perfect combo of nourishing oils to do just that! 
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Beauty care goes just beyond the products we use on ourselves. 
What about your children?  Sunscreen, diaper cream, shampoo and lotion are common kids’ products.
Most people use cosmetics and other personal care items without a second thought, believing that the government oversees their safety. Not so. No health studies or pre-market testing are required for these products.
It’s pretty scary!
Personal care products are manufactured with 10,500 unique chemical ingredients, some of which are known or suspected carcinogens, toxic to the reproductive system or known to disrupt the endocrine system.
Though some companies make products that are safe to eat, others choose to use dangerous ingredients like coal tar and formaldehyde, both human carcinogens, and lead acetate, a developmental toxin.
Every step we take to reduce our toxic exposure to these chemicals is an opportunity for us to increase our health and vitality, minimize our risk of getting cancer and support our hormones and development. 
This is why making our own all natural beauty care products is key to reducing toxins and this DIY Blemish Spot Treatment is an amazing all natural product that will become your new best friend. 
This is an ultra-concentrated recipe that is meant to be applied directly to blemishes as a spot treatment. It is not meant to be applied to your entire face or a large area of skin. If you wanted to do so, I would suggest using less of the essential oils.
What’s great about this blend is that it helps fight bacteria and because it’s in a base of tamanu oil, it also helps to reduce inflammation and regenerates skin to reduce the appearance of scars.
DIY All Natural Blemish Spot Treatment
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  1. 1 x 10ml bottle (roller bottle works well)
  2. Tamanu Oil (or jojoba works well too)
  3. Tea Tree Oil
  4. Lavender Oil
  5. Frankincense Oil (optional)
  1. Fill bottle 3/4 of the way with tamanu oil. Add in 5-7 drops each of tea tree, lavender and frankincense.
  2. Gently give the bottle a shake and viola! There you have your DIY Blemish treatment. Simply apply to affected areas. Best to use before bed. Reapply daily to spot to help treat.
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