Creating Possibilities for 2018

Let’s get one thing straight…

Popping adrenal supplements to support your stress, will not eliminate what is causing you stress in your life.

Popping vitamin D will not support the fact that you don’t get out in the sun.

Popping vitamin C will not replace eating fruits and vegetables.

Drinking coffee to give you ‘energy’ will not replace the fact that you’re burnt out.

You have to do the real work.

You have to prioritize the self care.

Getting outside, being in nature, eating real food, slowing the F**k down, ditching the drugs and alcohol and the addiction to overworking and eating in front of your computer – (In case you didn’t know it – one sign of a workaholic is eating at your desk or in front of the computer!).

Here’s why this all matters…

Because WE, as a collective, need people who can rise up, show up, level up and do the uncomfortable, scary, vulnerable, transformational and healing work.

And its NOT easy. Especially when you let the negative self talk control you and kill all your possibility.

So as we move into a new year with new opportunities and excitement, what are you committed to?

Are you committed to your current circumstance? Or are you committed to the possibility of your future?

As an entrepreneur, here’s what I can tell you….

It’s not easy. Managing work, clients, self care, slowing down, marketing, writing, assessing, testing, planning – there are a LOT of things on my plate.

But I stand for the possibility of MY LIFE. And it’s this vision that I hold so dear to my heart that allows me to move forward with a lot of conviction day in and day out.

And I want the same for you.

Because you know what, it’s ALL possible. And although your goals (whatever they may be), might seem far fetched or impossible, I can tell you – they’re not.

Perhaps we need to step into 2018 with more trust, more ease, more flow and more belief in the possibility of our future.

This is a gentle reminder that YOU my dear friend have only just touched the possibility of WHO YOU ARE.

Don’t waste it.

Stop playing small.

Let go of your excuses.

Stop waiting for the perfect moment, the right time, the perfect partner to show up, the perfect weight on the scale.

Create what you want now.

Because WE need you.

Don’t let your fear hold you back. Because the moment you step into that fear, the moment your life will begin to open up.

Here’s to letting go of what no longer serves you and becoming more of who you are and creating more of what you want in 2018.

Happy New Year!

From my heart to yours,


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