Non-Toxic Lemon Multipurpose Cleaner

Toxins are everywhere, whether we like it or not. 

In our body care products, food, homes, in the air we breathe and in our house hold cleaning products. 

When it comes to cleaning our house, not only should it be hassle free, but safe too! Between animals and kids licking, touching and coming into contact with just about everything, we should be extra cautious with the products we use in our home. 

This is why I love using essential oils and making my own non-toxic cleaning products. 

Not only is it safe and toxin free, but it’s cheap!

By using a few common household ingredients, you can whip up a multipurpose cleaner for your entire house and in turn, ditch the chemicals that are lurking in many common brands. 

These chemicals enter into our blood stream through our skin and create internal chaos. From disrupting our hormones, to damaging the gut lining, to inflammation and overloading our liver, our bodies need to work extremely hard at eliminating these chemicals. 

And our bodies need to do this everyday, all day. Every minute of every day our bodies (our liver in particular) needs to work hard to eliminate toxins. It’s a very intense and exhausting process, especially if you’re using toxic products and eating toxic food day in and day out. 

Our livers can easily become overworked and overwhelmed. 

But the good news is that my 21-Day Delicious Detox is launching on Wednesday September 9th (mark your calendars), and it contains a full 3 week meal plan and delicious recipes that help to support your liver, gently eliminate toxins and maintain optimal hormonal health. Food is healing and that’s just what this detox is all about. Healing your health and igniting your energy so you can take on the world (and all the toxins that come with it!). 

Plus, by joining the 21-Day Delicious Detox, you’ll get access to my Essential Guide to Detoxing eBook which contains a ton of information and protocols for supporting gut health, optimizing liver health and truly understanding how detoxification works and what you can do everyday to support your body. It’s a thorough guide and contains many protocols you can easily include everyday. 

Also, I’ll be gifting you with my Qualitarian Life ebook, which is a comprehensive guide that dives deep into how to optimize your diet, sleep, sex life and most importantly, it contains a detailed chapter on all things body care! Yup, I show you exactly how to create your own non-toxic body care products and household products, like laundry detergent, carpet cleaners, floor cleaners and so much more! detoxpromobooks

It’s crazy to me that there no laws requiring manufacturers of cleaning products to list harmful ingredients on labels or test them for safety. So it’s up to you to keep your home safe.

That’s why my non-toxic lemon multipurpose cleaner is amazing! It’s a natural disinfectant and can tackle many household messes! 

Non-Toxic Lemon Multipurpose Cleaner
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  1. 1 cup water
  2. 1 cup white vinegar
  3. ¼ cup witch hazel
  4. 20 drops lemon essential oil
  1. Pour all the ingredients into a spray bottle. Use a funnel to make the pouring easier, but it’s not necessary. Shake before each use.
  1. *Use this cleaner throughout your kitchen and bathroom on everything from floors, mirrors, counter tops and appliances, but not on granite or marble counter tops! These surfaces are porous and can be damaged easily with acidic ingredients like vinegar or harsh chemicals like bleach.
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