Nature provides all we need

I attended an amazing seminar this weekend on Pediatric care which was taught by Dr. Robert Abell, a Naturopathic Doctor who lives out in Austin, Texas. He shared some amazing protocols for treating childhood ailments, but he also shared a great story about a 6 year old boy he treated back in 2001. It was quite a jaw dropper.

So…the story goes….in 2001, this 6 year old boy came into his office and had been diagnosed with asthma, rhinitis, and sinusitis. He was on approximately 10 different medications to treat his ‘diseases’ and had been taking these meds continually for 3 years…not one day break from his meds! AND….if he missed a day of his meds, his sinusitis got really bad. So…this isn’t the worst part. This child had SEVEN nasal/respiratory surgeries!!! SEVEN!!!! Can you imagine the trauma this poor child had been through almost his entire life!? With each surgery, his parents were told that there is no way…NO WAY….that his infections would recur….BUT….they always did! So….they go to visit Dr. Abell in April 2001. He starts the boy off on some very simple protocols…some probiotics and some UNDA numbers. UNDA numbers are a combination of plant remedies in a homeopathic dilution…..remedies the way nature intended! So, 2 weeks go by, the little boy is doing great. Another 2 weeks go by, he’s still great and then Dr. Abell gets him off all his meds! His parents obviously freak out, fearing that their son will get an infection from being off of his meds, but no…..he’s perfectly fine! So finally, after treating the boy for about a year, and giving him some very simple protocols, their son is CURED of asthma, rhinitis and sinusitis. To this day, the boy who is now 15 has never had ANY respiratory problems. The best part is that he was treated initially by ‘TOP’ UCLA physicians. The mother wrote a letter to these doctors asking for them to contact Dr. Abell and discuss the protocols he used to cure their son and not once did he recieve a call.

So even though Dr. Abell isn’t reading my blog….I would just like to applaud him and all the Naturopathic Doctors who truly understand disease, physiology and work to treat root causes of disease, not just symptoms. I truly believe we can always rely on nature to heal.

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