The Divine Feminine Mushroom Retreat

September 19th-22nd, 2024 in picturesque Muskoka

Your invitation to alchemize and rise into who you came here to be... while having a BLAST with your sisters in sacred community!

If you're feeling the call to...

  • Get out of the city for a weekend and relax and rejuvenate in nature 
  • Explore your inner realms through the intentional use of mushrooms in a safe, loving, & trauma-informed container activate, amplify, and embody more of your divine feminine essence 
  • Connect with like-minded women who are just as committed to exploring the depths of their consciousness as you are

Join us Sept 19-22nd in picturesque Muskoka for an incredible, wildly transformative, and deeply connected weekend you'll never forget!

Only 8 Spots Available | Apply Today

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Hey Goddess,

The divine feminine within you is rising - thank you for answering the call to activate, amplify, and embody more of who you truly are. 

The world needs you, and we need you at your highest and best. We need you in your fullest expression, embodied in your radiance, and unapologetic AF about it. 

Everything at this retreat is intentionally designed to support you in doing exactly that through our 3 pillars: 

Psychedelics | Somatics | Embodiment

Why psychedelics, somatics, & embodiment?

Sam Events
  • When you've been on a spiritual or personal growth journey for awhile, you often become aware of what the limiting beliefs or patterns are that are keeping you stuck.

  • Even though you may know what needs to shift, it can still feel really hard to do because these patterns are deeply engrained in your nervous system. 

  • It’s frustrating, and you just want to give up on yourself.

  • This is where psychedelics, somatics, and embodiment come in.

  • Psychedelics (and other somatic practices at the retreat like transformational breath work and ecstatic dance) are so powerful because they transcend the limiting stories of the mind, get deep into the wisdom of the body, and create lasting change through the rewiring of your nervous system. 

  • Doing deep somatic work - plus accompanying integration - encourages your entire Being to embody a higher frequency - and when you live from this new embodied sense of Self - you become deeply connected to your divine feminine power. And all the magic happens! 

The Space

Our gorgeous retreat space is located on a lake-front property in picturesque Huntsville Ontario.

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You will be immersed in nature, nourished in body, mind, and spirit, and fully supported as you release and expand throughout the entire retreat.  There's also plenty of unstructured time so that you can fully unwind and enjoy the space, water, and surrounding nature. 

Retreat Overview 


Get settled, explore the grounds, transformational breathwork, group dinner. 


Yoga, breakfast, ceremony preparation talk, sacred ceremony, integration, group dinner. 


Yoga, breakfast, integration, relaxation/free time, lunch, more relaxation/free time/integration, dance of liberation, group dinner. 


Closing breathwork ceremony, breakfast, farewells 

**There will also be a group prep and integration call before and after the retreat respectively. 

**During the free time, you are welcome to kayak, swim, sauna/cold plunge, read by the water, nap, journal, hang in nature - however you desire to relax, restore, rejuvenate, & integrate.


This retreat is for women who:

  • Have been doing mindset/spiritual growth work and want to dive deeper in a safe, loving, trauma-informed container 
  • Want to connect with other powerful women & have an absolute blast while healing together in sacred sisterhood 
  • Want to step deeper into their purpose and service, serve from their overflow, & create more balance, peace, and ease in their lives 
  • Are ready to explore all aspects of their femininity - the soft, tender, & nurturing parts as well as the dark feminine 
  • Are ready to embrace their radiance, worthiness, fullest self expression, and feminine essence 
  • Want to become unfuckwithable - no matter what life brings!

You will leave the retreat:

  • Connected to your intuition and sense of Self 
  • With a clear understanding of your blocks (in business/life) and action steps to move forward to align your life to your desires 
  • Supported, loved, and held by sacred sisterhood 
  • With unshakable boundaries and more capacity to flow with vs react to Life
  • Confident AF!
  • More open-hearted, connected, and in love with life
  • With embodiment practices to integrate the shifts you made during ceremony into your daily life 

Next steps:

Excited to retreat on a picturesque lakefront property and come out on the other side empowered, embodied, and more in love with who you ARE?! 

Us too! Let's do this!!

This is an intimate container with only 8 spots available - they will sell out!

If you'd like to join us, fill out this brief application form by clicking here so we can make sure this retreat is a great fit for you and secure your spot.


Yes! Meals are included. All meals are included and are GF, DF, refined sugar free, and as local and organic as possible 

You will have one roommate but each of you will have your own bed.

The retreat space is in Huntsville Ontario, exact location provided upon signing up. 

The dose of mushrooms will be determined by the facilitators on a person by person basis 

The early bird investment for the retreat is 2,000 inclusive until April 15. After April 15 the investment is 2,300. A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot & the remaining payment(s) must be completed by June 10. 

All payments can be made via eTransfer to: Lauren.e.neuburger@gmail.com