McDonalds Doesn’t Decompose?!? Eeewwww!

I’m sure some of us have come across the McDonalds article that was posted the other day on yahoo regarding the happy meal that just won’t decompose!! I was shocked to see that somebody had kept their happy meal on their shelf at home for 6 months just to see what happens. Well sure enough….not much happened!! The burger, the bun and fries didn’t grown any mold and barely changed in size or shape.

If after 6 months a McDonalds burger won’t decompose, imagine what’s happening inside your body?! Imagine the effects it will have on digestive and intestinal health?! I tell people all the time….we need to eat foods that nourish us, and clearly, McDonalds isn’t one of those foods. Aside from the burger providing you with some protein, it’s the quality of the protein that we need to question.

I’ve been a non-supporter of McDonald’s for a long time now and I’ll be honest….every now and again I get the urge to go eat a Big Mac. That urge normally comes when it’s a late night out, and I’m with friends who just HAVE to eat McDonalds at 2am! BUT…I won’t do it! Nope…not me! Aside from the lack of nutrition and the poor quality, I just can’t justify supporting an industry that is making people sick! An industry that is purchasing cheap cheap cheap ingredients.

Click here to check out this lady whose kept a McDonald’s burger since 1996!

I’m sure some of you may have also recently seen the photo of the mechanically separated meat that ‘is no longer’ used in the McNuggets. Click here to see the pictures and article that was originally posted by the Huffington Post.

Hope I haven’t ruined your appetite?

Have a McHappy Day!!

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