Instagram Influence  
Spending all your time posting, connecting and sharing on Instagram only to hear crickets? What you need is a strategy - plain and simple.
Join Me for An Intensive 2-Hour Masterclass To Help You Create An Effective Instagram Strategy
I love Instagram because it’s a photo rich platform and I love food photos, so naturally, I’m drawn to the platform. BUT… Instagram isn’t just for posting nice photos (that is one important part, don’t get me wrong), but leveraging what you post, what you say and strategizing your message will bring more leads, connections and ultimately more MOOLA! My 5-figure launches have happened all with the help of Instagram - so let me show you the ways! 
SAVE $50 - Regular Price $147
Grab this Masterclass NOW + Receive Instant Access

Join me for a 2-hour Instagram Influence Intensive 
I WON'T Be Teaching You How to Post Nice Butt Photos, Become the Next Kim Kardashian Influencer and Learn How to Get Skinny Tea Contracts #sorrynotsorry

Here’s What We’ll Be Covering In This Intensive Masterclass:
  •  Content Strategy - learn the art of visual storytelling and how to post content that is bold, enticing and will hook your niche client (and get your community to share your content so your followers can grow organically!)
  •  How to Leverage DM’s and build an authentic connection and community.
  •  How to Set Up your Profile in a strategic way to gain new followers and raving fans
  •  How to use Instastories to build a true connection with your audience (did you know that your highest paying clients want to hear what you sound like and see your mannerisms? #truth)
  •  How to Become Discoverable and organically grow your likes and following WITHOUT paid traffic. It can be done; my Instagram following grows by the 100’s each and every day!
  •  Implementing your Hashtag strategy - the secret sauce to using hashtags, where to use them and discreetly hide them - yup - it’s a cool tip that NO body knows about.

SAVE $50 - Regular Price $147
I’m going to teach you how to build your Instagram with integrity and authenticity, so that you can attract quality leads and make more sales. 
Worksheets + 10 Done-for-you Instagram Images
I’ll hook you up with Instagram worksheets so we can plan and strategize your posts and content schedule PLUS I’m gifting you 10 done-for-you Instagram images you can post to increase engagement. These ain’t no cheesy photos either - they are beautifully crafted and designed to help your brand and image standout. 

You’ll walk away from this intensive knowing exactly how to use the Instagram platform with confidence and grow your business.
About Samantha Gladish
Samantha Gladish is a Toronto-based Women’s Holistic Health Coach, Business Mentor, public speaker, podcast host, writer, award-winning blogger, and the founder of Through online training programs, her podcast, ebooks, blogging and personal one-on-one coaching, Samantha has reached and worked with women in more than 20 countries and counting.

As a passionate and multi-faceted entrepreneur, Samantha has also developed a successful holistic dental care line, which ships world- wide. She is a self-proclaimed foodie, hormone-fixer upper and weight loss specialist. Her passion for business is an extension of her work as a nutritionist, and she has spent the past 3 years helping to coach health-preneurs into growing, building and creating their online business and brand. She is an expert in sales; helping coaches learn the art of selling higher end packages, understanding sales language and overcoming objections. 
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