12 Week High Fat, Low Carb
Weight Loss Program for Women 

--> Fat Loss Made Easy & Delicious!

There is an easier way to losing weight and it doesn't require having to strengthen your willpower, take a magic pill or shake (which doesn't exist by the way!) or give up your favourite foods (hello chocolate and wine!).

Imagine not having sugar and crab cravings all day long and finally losing weight without so much confusion and struggle? 

Imagine feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin and not having to hide from the mirrors in your bedroom.

I know how draining it is to spend your life ‘hiding’ in baggy clothes, avoid going shopping or skipping out on lunch dates with girlfriends or even vacations with your family because you just don't want to be seen. 

Back in the day, I spent a small fortune on supplements, diet books, workout programs - you name it! All because I felt uncomfortable in my own skin and was lacking the clarity about my body, my hormones and nutrition. 

We all have our insecurities, but weight is one of the hardest to shake. You can't leave it at home, hide it under makeup or cover it up. It’s always there in plain sight, ready to pop up in the WORST situations (like the change room of your favourite store. We've all been there: changeroom meltdowns are the WORST).


I get it. You feel...




And just want to get your body back. 

Good News! You can get it back!

Hi! I'm Samantha Gladish, Weight Loss Coach and Hormone Fixer-Upper. 

I've been coaching women for over 15 years and have seen thousands of women struggling to lose weight, confused with what diet to follow, overwhelmed by food and nutrition and struggling with hypothyroidism, fatigue, poor sleep and a number of hormonal imbalances. I teach women who just want to lose weight, a simple and easy way to eat that doesn't require deprivation or giving up delicious foods. I personally have hashimoto's, an autoimmune condition. Because of this, I've transformed my diet over the years to include more hormone balancing fats, less grains, less gluten and less sugar, which has had a positive impact on my thyroid, weight, energy and mental health. 

So here's a FACT: You can’t lose weight if your blood sugar's a mess and your hormones are completely out of whack.

Blood sugar imbalances are a REAL thing. Are you constantly snacking throughout the day, craving sugar, filling your plate up with carbs such as rice, quinoa, bread or pasta and feeling hungry every 2 hours after you eat?

If yes, then your blood sugar needs some help. I work to rebalance your blood sugar as well as your stress hormones so that your body can easily let go of unwanted weight. It's science. It's not magic. And the results are real.

The Metabolic Reset Program will introduce you to a simple way of eating that will help you lose fat. On this program, you'll be eating lots of healthy hormone balancing fats. If you're ready to ditch those sugar cravings, this is the secret! The right fat loss program takes into account your hormonal imbalances. 

This is exactly what I address in the Metabolic Reset - High Fat, Low Carb Program. Your body will hold onto EVERY SINGLE POUND if you are not addressing both nutrition and hormones. And this is why my program is called the Metabolic Reset - we are literally resetting your metabolism so that you can burn fat.

Perhaps you have aches and pains, are struggling with diabetes, PCOS or an autoimmune condition yourself? Perhaps you've entered into menopause and your hormones have now fluctuated causing you to gain weight overnight (or at least it feels that way). If this is the case, then you're in the right place!

This program is for you if:

  • You are struggling to lose 15+ pounds
  • Have diabetes
  • Have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • Struggle with monthly PMS symptoms
  • Have blood sugar imbalances and all consuming carb cravings
  • Have high blood pressure or cholesterol
  • Have hypothyroidism 
  • Struggle with brain fog and focus
  • Struggle with migraines and headaches
  • Unsure of what to eat to support your hormones
  • Dealing with uncomfortable bloating and digestive issues

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On the 12 Week Metabolic Reset Program you will get to enjoy delicious high fat, low carb meals that will help to reset your metabolism and hormones.

It's time to cut the B.S. and lose weight effectively, easily and without deprivation.  


Knowing what foods actually work FOR your metabolism and not against it?  

When You Join the 12 Week Metabolic Reset Program You'll Get Hooked up With:

  • Delicious and easy to prepare monthly meal plans that include both paleo and vegetarian recipe options
  • A complete workout program to help you tone and strengthen your body. Workouts can be performed at home or at the gym with minimal equipment needed.
  • A private community Facebook group with group coaching support from Samantha, your Cheerleader and Weight Loss Coach!
  • Weekly email check ins that include handouts, protocols and exclusive content
  • Complete guide to tracking macros and optimizing your fat intake
  • Complete guide on intermittent fasting, how to dine-out, how to make low-sugar cocktails and so much more!
  • Exclusive webinar access on balancing hormones and supplement protocols
  • AND MORE! Each week you'll be hooked up with ebooks, guides and incredible content to help you achieve your goals and feel your very best!
  • You also get to enjoy chocolate!

Are You Ready To...

  • End the diet confusion?
  • Get rid of your all consuming sugar cravings?
  • Ditch the brain fog?
  • Fit into your favourite jeans again?
  • Feel confident, healthy and strong?
  • End the uncomfortable gas and bloating?
  • Heal your body from pain and inflammation?
  • Balance your hormones for easy breezy cycles and no more PMS?
  • Heal your PCOS and balance your blood sugar for good?

I'd love to help you lose weight and experience deep healing and transformation in my 12 week online program. Join today and let's get started! 

I lost over 15lbs and 16-inches in total!

First off, I just want to say thank you! I am a more healthier, happier and confident version of me! Not only did I lose weight, but after not having a period for over 7 months, within the first month of this program, I finally got it back! YAY! Thanks for all your help and support Sam.

MONICA  //  Toronto

9.5lbs down in just 18 days!

I am loving this program and the delicious recipes. I'm off to a great start and can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring. Thanks Samantha for all your help. I'm finally fitting into my old jeans again. 

JEN  //  Florida

13lbs gone and only a few weeks into the program!

Even though there have been some hiccups along the way, I'm still losing weight and continuing to move forward. I find I'm a stress eater, so I was surprised to see the scale budge during a stressful period. So happy to see results!

NICOLE  //  Toronto

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My carb cravings are pretty much gone! 

I learned so much from this program about food, nutrition and carbohydrates. I feel great, have more energy and my sugar cravings are gone! Some days definitely aren't perfect, but I feel good and that's what matters.

TINA  //  Toronto

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This Program is Currently Full

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Frequently Asked Questions


This program includes delicious high fat, low carb recipes. You'll get to enjoy buttery coffees, smoothies, shepherds pie, stir fries and yummy chocolatey fat bombs on this program. There are a variety of recipes and everything is low sugar, gluten free and the option to include some dairy. The recipes in this program are intended to support your blood sugar and hormones and provide you with a simple, delicious and healthy way of eating that helps you lose weight.


This program is not recommended for vegans. Although there are some vegetarian options, there is not enough protein options to sustain a vegan diet. 


Absolutely! You can still remain flexible with your schedule and commitments. I encourage you to go at a pace that feels right for you. If you happen to fall off the wagon for a few days that’s ok. We have a Facebook group that is full of support and encouragement, so that you can ask questions and receive support and guidance along the way. This is not about being perfect and let's face it, there will always be events, parties and social engagements, so it's important to just dive in and do something versus doing nothing. Don’t let your body and hormones suffer because of events and commitments. Support them at the same time.


We do not offer refunds on any digital products. The moment you sign up you will receive content and materials which cannot be returned being that they are digital. Once you sign up, you are committed and will have our support throughout the program. If you not prepared to do the work and commit to your health, I suggest waiting to sign up at a later time. 


The program contents will be emailed to you. Each week you will receive new content and each month, you will receive a new meal plan. You can also access the content inside the private Facebook group. 


YES! In fact, the foods and recipes in this program are perfect during pregnancy. You'll be eating clean, whole foods, that are anti inflammatory and perfect for your hormones. With that said, I encourage you adjust the recipes as you see fit. Do not follow this program specifically for weight loss (if pregnancy is a goal), but to stay healthy and fertile. This program will help keep you and your body (and baby!) healthy and vital.


We recommend certain supplements for certain hormonal conditions, but it is not required that you buy them. Just following the meal plan and other protocols will help you get great results. 


Then this program is perfect for you! You’ll learn how to better support your hormones with the right foods so that you can have a regular cycle. And if you don’t have a period, let’s work to get it back! Following this program is going to set the foundation to healing your body and getting your hormones back into balance.


Great! This program works to support hormones, which during menopause, need a lot of support. You'll learn to eat in such a way that will help you to ease menopausal symptoms and fuel your body. 


Awesome!! Then come join us! You'll support your health, hormones and body with delicious recipes and will learn so much along the way. This program goes beyond just weight loss. It teaches you a simple way of eating that will help you bust through sugar cravings, balance hormones and fuel your brain. 

This Program is Currently Full

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