Brutal Period Cramps Every Month? Missing Your Period All Together? Craving Sugar Like Nobody’s Business? Just Straight Up Exhausted? ​

Yup — That’s Your Hormones Talking To You. And It’s Time For You To Listen!

Discover Why You’re Just Days Away From Regaining
Control Over Your Life, Your Hormones & Your Body

Does this picture sound familiar?

  • You're feeling cranky & moody

  • Your period pain has become unbearable & it has you keeled over for days at a time.

  • You're suffering from joint pain and inflammation, and you are beyond frustrated with it

  • Having issues falling asleep or staying asleep

  • You crave salty & sweets all the time.

  • Stubborn weight has become an issue for you, when it never was before. 

  • Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol

  • You’re gassy and bloated on the daily, regardless of what you eat

  • Your PMS cramps, headaches and fatigue knock you out for days.

If you can relate to any of this, or are experiencing your own symptoms - whether it be hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, or estrogen dominance -- THIS is what the Healthy Hormones for Women program was created for.


To finally get to the root causes of your symptoms and help you set a plan of action in place to heal the underlying imbalances. To eat nourishing whole foods that will help your body detoxify.

It's time to step up, dive in and do the real work to bring about REAL results to your health.

Your hormone fixer-upper, real food lover & weight loss coach.
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Hi, there!

I'm Samantha Gladish

I’ve worked with hundreds of women helping them lose weight, heal their PMS pain, rebalance their hormones and cycle, reverse their PCOS and diabetes (yes – reverse!) and get pregnant naturally.

By supporting the liver, supporting hormonal levels with the right foods + supplements and tracking the hormonal fluctuations throughout your cycle, YOU CAN get the body, health and life you’ve always wanted.

I'll let you in on a secret -- it's NOT about finding the best cream to fix your acne, or popping yet another supplement to fix your fatigue. Those quick-fix, band-aid solutions straight up don't work.

The solution to healing your hormonal imbalances -- and supporting your adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones -- is with the right foods, a ton of support and the education I share in this course. That’s what I’m here to show you over these next 6 jam-packed weeks.

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The resources inside this course are designed to walk you through my step-by-step approach to supporting your hormones.

The moment you register you'll receive access to your guides and plans and can start immediately (or later) - whatever works for you!

  • 6 Pre-Recorded Masterclasses Led by Samantha

    Healthy Hormones Introduction, Liver Detoxification, Gut Health , Adrenals & Thyroid, Blood Sugar Balance, and Supplement Protocols.

  • Understanding Your Hormones eBook

    find out why the heck you feel the way you do and how to move toward balance.

  • How to Monitor Your Cycle + a Menstrual Tracking Chart

    learn to track your own cycle and hormonal trends, so you can finally put a stop to your painful cramps.

  • How to Ditch Hormonal Birth Control Guide

    a holistic plan designed to help you come off of synthetic birth control (if that's what you want!) and support your body throughout the process.

  • Meal Plans & Recipes eBook (60+ pages of delicious and hormone balancing food!)

    The meal plan takes out inflammatory grains and gluten, which can be problematic for gut health and hormones. If you find you're having gut health issues, then these recipes will be nourishing for you. All of my recipes are all created to be simple, healthy and delicious. There is NO space for deprivation in my approach!

  • Bonus #1

    My Hormone Detox Masterclass

  • Bonus #2

    My High-Fat Low-Carb 7 day meal plan -- lots of delicious recipes that are specifically meant to support your thyroid, your hormones, detox your body, beat the bloat, detox excess estrogen and help you lose a few inches (as a bonus!).

This is not about being perfect. If you're holding off on joining because of an upcoming vaca or party or you just don't think you can fully commit to the meal plan - IT'S OKAY!! Just commit to trying & starting (which is better than doing nothing!)

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Here’s what I’ll be teaching you in this 6-week online program:

Module 1

Healthy Hormone Kickoff

We’ll dive deep into your program and all your materials so that you can feel confident moving forward and implementing the information, protocols and recipes. You’ll get the clarity you need to rock your program and achieve results!

Module 2

Liver Detoxification

Got acne, eczema, skin issues, estrogen dominance and low energy? Girl – it’s probably your liver. We’ll dive into the exact foods to include and eliminate in your diet to support the health of your liver, which in turn supports the health of your gut and hormones. We’ll dive into how environmental toxins are destroying your health and how you can balance your hormones by effectively detoxing daily. I’ll share with you the best liver detoxification protocols and supplements.

Module 3

All About the Gut

Your gut houses billions of bacteria and produces many of your feel good neuro-transmitters. Feeling blue? It could be your gut! Learn how to choose the right probiotic, eliminate gas, bloating and constipation and heal your gut lining for optimal hormonal balance, energy and vitality.

Module 4

Adrenal & Thyroid Health

Cortisol high? Can’t wake up in the morning? Weight packing on out of nowhere? It’s all about those stress and thyroid hormones. Let’s get them in check and understand why these hormones could be working against you. Oh! and of course – I’ll share with you the best supplement protocols.

Module 5

All About the Blood Sugar Baby!

Did you know blood sugar imbalances are causing your weight gain, cramping, headaches, mood swings, infertility and exacerbating your PCOS? Learn how to support your blood sugar which in turn can reverse your PCOS, PMS pain, support your fertility and help you lose weight with ease.

Module 6

Supplement Protocols

We’ll dive into supplementation and I’ll help you gain clarity and bust through the supplement confusion. You’ll learn about the foundational 5 supplements and how to target your most pressing hormone concerns. I’ll also help you create a plan of action for moving forward and design the perfect long term healthy hormone protocol and plan of action.

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This web-based program gives you on-demand full-access to all of the tools, features and resources, making it incredibly convenient, and accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

All master-classes are pre-recorded and you will have lifetime access to the content and replays.

Join Today for Only $299! $120

Save over 60%


1-on-1 coaching is not included in this program. If you are looking for more personalized support, you can always book in for a private consultation with one of our Holistic Wellness coaches. That being said, inside our Facebook group, we encourage you to ask questions, interact with our community of like-minded women and connect with me when challenges arise. I will happy to answer your questions within our Facebook group.

A 28-Day Meal Plan is provided for you. We take all the guesswork out of what to eat and when. The recipes in this program are both vegetarian and paleo based, with a variety of protein sources such as, poultry, meat, fish and seafood, beans or legumes, as well as a variety of fruit, vegetables and healing elixirs. The recipes in this program are intended to support your fluctuating hormonal levels throughout your cycle. You are free to modify recipes and you do NOT need to follow the meal plan 100% in order to see results.

You will find many vegetarian and vegan options on this program. Although I encourage the consumption of animal products for optimal hormonal health, you can absolutely swap out certain protein sources to suit your dietary preferences.

Absolutely! You can still remain flexible with your schedule and commitments. We encourage you to go at a pace that feels right for you. If you happen to fall off the wagon for a few days that’s ok. We have a Facebook group that is full of support and encouragement, so that you can ask questions and receive support and guidance along the way. This is not about being perfect. This is about implementing something, even if it’s just 20% of the material versus doing nothing and continue to struggle and be in pain. Don’t let your body and hormones suffer because of events and commitments. Support them at the same time.

We do not offer refunds on any digital products. The moment you sign up you will receive all your content and materials which cannot be returned being that they are digital. Once you sign up, you are committed and will have our support throughout the program. If you not prepared to do the work and commit to your health, I suggest waiting to sign up at a later time. 

As soon as you sign up, you will gain access to our Healthy Hormones for Women Member Area. This is your one-stop access to the entire program. From your Member Dashboard, you will be able to watch each module and download your eBooks + Guides. Plus, you will have lifetime access to the content and videos and can watch them at your own convenience. 

YES! In fact, the foods and recipes in this program are perfect during pregnancy. You may have to adjust some things in regards to supplements, but that’s totally fine. This program will help keep you and your body (and baby!) healthy and vital.

I do recommend certain supplements for certain hormonal conditions, but it is not required that you buy them. Just following the meal plan and other protocols will help you get great results. 

Then this program is perfect for you! You’ll learn how to better support your hormones with the right foods so that you can have a regular cycle. And if you don’t have a period, let’s work to get it back! Following this program is going to set the foundation to healing your body and getting your hormones back into balance.

Although this program is not specifically for menopause, it is about balancing hormones overall, and most of the information can be applied to you. The meal plans, video modules, and ebooks can all be used to better help ease your menopausal symptoms, plus you can ask specific questions in the private Facebook group. You’ll have great results following the protocols and implementing the diet.