Discover how you can reverse your thyroid symptoms,
lose stubborn weight, fix your fatigue and start feeling like yourself again so you can get back to thriving, healthy, energetic and vibrant.


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Imagine not having to hold your breath every time you slip into your jeans.

Imagine not forgetting where you put your keys (hello brain fog!), or feeling like you have to take a nap every afternoon just to get through the day. Imagine what it would feel like to finally have your energy and libido back and play with your kids (or grandkids)?

We are two nutritionists that are Healing and Dealing with Hashimoto's and we know exactly how you feel!




And just wanting to get your body back. 

You can get it back! And we'd love to show you how!

Hi! I'm Samantha Gladish, Weight Loss Coach and Hormone Fixer-Upper. 

I've been coaching women for over 15 years and have seem thousands of women struggling with excess weight, brain fog, low energy, poor sleep and hormonal imbalances.  And until recently, I became one of those women. In fact, autoimmunity runs in my family and sure enough, after feeling exhausted, foggy and puffy in my own skin, I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hashimoto's. With the right diet and protocols and lots self-care, I'm on the road to recovery and excited to help YOU get the benefits from scientifically-proven, all natural solutions to healing your thyroid and reversing your symptoms.

Hi, I'm Marni Wasserman. Nutritionist, Real Food Lover and Podcast Host of The Ultimate Health Podcast.

And just like Sam, I too experienced extreme fatigue, inflammation, aches and pains in my body, brain fog and digestive issues. I dug a little deeper, got tested and was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I've been on a mission to heal my body and get back to the old Marni and in doing so, I've learned the best strategies and nutritional protocols for healing and can't wait to help other women experience relief and find solutions.

Together, we are excited to support and coach you to better health.

Because let's face it. You can't do it alone. Navigating what to eat, what to supplement with, how to exercise, what testing to get done can be overwhelming and down right confusing. 

We're here to bust that confusion and bring you the tools and strategies you need to find relief from your symptoms. If Hashimoto's has kept you from the health and life you want, we'd like to help you reclaim it so you can live FREE of those limits.

Your thyroid is the key that literally unlocks your health– like how fast you burn fat or store energy.

Your thyroid is also the key to how well you digest your food. It even governs a healthy cycle and period. And what about beauty care? Yup... your thyroid keeps your skin supple and your hair on your head, not in the drain!  The good news? None of your thyroid symptoms have to be permanent. Our step-by-step lifestyle and nutrition solutions, can help you reset your thyroid health.

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Here's a Sneak Peak Inside the
Healing and Dealing with Hashimoto's Program:

4 Pre-Recorded Masterclasses With Sam & Marni

Where We Share The 4 Pillars of Thyroid Health & Healing

Class #1

Sleep, Lifestyle


Self Care

  • Strategies for optimizing your sleep
  • Creating a self care and well-being routine for healing
  • Simple, everyday lifestyle shifts to help your thyroid recover

Class #2 

Supplements,  &



  • Understanding the microbiome + leaky gut
  • The best supplements to help you heal
  • Specific gut healing nutrients + how to heal your gut and improve digestion

Class #3 





  • Understanding what the AIP protocol is all about 
  • What foods to eliminate + include
  • The benefits of fermented foods and fat + their impact on your thyroid health

Class #4 

Your Thyroid,

Adrenals &

Hormone Testing

  • What are the best blood levels to maximize your health, weight and energy?
  • Optimal Blood Work ranges
  • Understanding the adrenal + thyroid connection

the Healing & dealing with hashi's
program is for you if You ...

  • Have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's or another type of autoimmune condition
  • Want to begin an Autoimmune Protocol to kick start your healing, but you're overwhelmed with the process and looking for support
  • Have brain fog and feel forgetful most of the time
  • Have leaky gut, gas, bloating or other digestive issues
  • Feel exhausted and can't wake up in the morning
  • Have hypo/hyperthyroidism and are looking to heal your body and thyroid
  • Are struggling to lose weight
  • Have trouble sleeping - falling asleep and staying asleep

This web-based program gives you on-demand access
to all of your program resources, making it incredibly convenient and accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

All of your Masterclasses are pre-recorded and you will have
lifetime access to the content and replays.

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When You Join the Healing and Dealing with Hashi's Program,
You'll Get Hooked up With:

  • Two 7-Day Autoimmune Paleo Meal Plans, complete with recipes and grocery shopping lists
  • A 7-Day Paleo Meal Plan, teaching you how to re-introduce foods back into your diet
  • A Real Treat Cookbook - full of grain free desserts and delicious frothy elixirs
  • AIP Food Lists, outlining which foods you should include, and which to avoid 
  • Resource Handout - connecting you with the best autoimmune experts, doctors, podcasters and books
  • 6 Pillars Handout - guiding you through lifestyle and self care protocols to heal
  • Complete Guide to Thriving on an Autoimmune Protocol
  • Coaching and support from both Sam & Marni for 4 full weeks!

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I would like to thank Marni & Samantha for the beautiful program that they had put together. I had taken a lot from this program from recipes, habits, sleep, the choice of what to eat and what to avoid and other lifestyle variables that can target the human body without noticing it. I feel so much better having gone through this program. Thank you for all your help & I will keep continue the journey of your beautiful program.


Hashi's Program Participant 

This course has been so great. So much fantastic information - I don’t want it to end.


Hashi's Program Participant 

I have had a very positive result to these last few weeks on the program. I want to thank you ladies for all of the insight and info and support. My stomach bloating has gone down significantly. I will continue with this eating style because I know I still have a lot of healing to do and this is just the beginning.


Hashi's Program Participant 

Thank you to Marnie and Sam for sharing all your insight, tips, recipes and information! This has been an amazing experience.


Hashi's Program Participant 

Get the solutions, support and protocols to start healing today and live a vibrant, healthy life.

There is no need to struggle anymore. We're excited to be your coaches and show you that it IS possible with simple, effective and science based solutions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


An Autoimmune Paleo meal plan and paleo plan is provided for you. We take all the guesswork out of what to eat and when. The recipes in this program are paleo based, with a variety of protein sources such as, poultry, meat, fish and seafood, as well as a variety of fruit, vegetables and healthy fats. The recipes in this program are intended to support your gut and autoimmunity by removing inflammatory and problematic foods.


This program is not recommended for vegans. You will learn a lot and gain new information about autoimmune and hashimoto's, but we focus on the AIP protocol which is largely based around animal products.


Absolutely! You can still remain flexible with your schedule and commitments. We encourage you to go at a pace that feels right for you. If you happen to fall off the wagon for a few days that’s ok. We have a Facebook group that is full of support and encouragement, so that you can ask questions and receive support and guidance along the way. This is not about being perfect and let's face it, there will always be events, parties and social engagements, so it's important to just dive in and do something versus doing nothing. Don’t let your body and hormones suffer because of events and commitments. Support them at the same time.


We do not offer refunds on any digital products. The moment you sign up you will receive all your content and materials which cannot be returned being that they are digital. Once you sign up, you are committed and will have our support throughout the program. If you are not prepared to do the work and commit to your health, I suggest waiting to sign up at a later time. 


The program content will be emailed to you. You’ll receive all your digital guides the moment you sign up. Each week a new video module will be released, which will be delivered to you via email. Plus, you will have lifetime access to the content and videos and can watch them at your own convenience. If you can't show up live for our weekly classes, that's ok as you'll have access to the replays.


YES! In fact, the foods and recipes in this program are perfect during pregnancy. You may have to adjust some things in regards to supplements, but that’s totally fine. This program will help keep you and your body (and baby!) healthy and vital.


We recommend certain supplements for certain hormonal conditions, but it is not required that you buy them. Just following the meal plan and other protocols will help you get great results. 


Then this program is perfect for you! You’ll learn how to better support your hormones with the right foods so that you can have a regular cycle and better support your hashimoto's and/or autoimmune condition. And if you don’t have a period, let’s work to get it back! Following this program is going to set the foundation to healing your body and getting your hormones back into balance.


Although this program is not specifically for menopause, it is about balancing hormones overall and healing autoimmunity. The meal plans, video modules, and ebooks can all be used to better help ease your menopausal symptoms and thyroid issues. 

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