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As I was grocery shopping today, I couldn’t help but journey into the ‘unhealthy’ aisles and take a look at what Michael Pollan likes to call “edible foodlike substances!” You know…all that man made, factory processed, preservative, additive, nutrient-less food! But I must admit, the marketing on these products sure is eye catching! But…I know better, and I made my way back to all the healthy, brightly colored REAL food! As I was checking out, I couldn’t help but look into people’s grocery carts (a bad habit, something I do all the time!), and notice the lack of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. People’s carts were filled with sugar, sugar and more sugar! White bread= sugar. Cereal=sugar. White pasta=sugar. Cookies, cakes, frozen pizzas, the list goes on! So…this has inspired me to spread the word; which is what my blog is all about; but I really want to get into people’s heads! So here is a list of videos that I think you should take the time to watch. Some of them are DVD’s, and others I’ve included links to which you can watch on the net. These videos will get you thinking about where your food comes from and more importantly, where your dollar is really going.

http://www.sierraclub.org/truecostoffood/ – This video is about 15 minutes long. Click on- see the movie- on the top left, and then choose your preferable resolution. It takes afew minutes to load and is worth the wait! It’s a cartoon which is great to show kids and the title- the true cost of food, says it all!

http://www.themeatrix.com/ – Another cartoon, these 5 minute movies are very informative.

http://www.foodmatters.tv/ – This one is really my favorite! You can either purchase the DVD for $24.95 or pay $4.95 and view the online version. This movie will really get you thinking. Also, under the take action subheading, you can view some mini clips about cancer, depression, heart health, and so on.

Other DVD’s I suggest you watch are- Food INC and Fast Food Nation. You can check out the website for Food INC at http://www.foodincmovie.com/.

Also, The Future of Food, and The World According to Monsanto are two great DVD’s about Genetically Modified Food. These movies really get my blood boiling!!

I hope you find these movies informative, and I hope they help you to make a conscious decision about where you purchase your food. I would definitely love some feedback!

Happy Movie Watching!

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