We’re just one day away from Earth Day! So how can we reduce our carbon footprint?? Well…..I’ve got lots of ideas!

1. Start your day with a cold shower!! Although it may not be the most enjoyable shower, it will reduce energy! You’ll also get amazing health benefits, such as, improved circulation and releasing toxic buildup! Chances are it will also wake you up first thing in the morning!!

2. Walk or bike to work! Not only will you burn some extra calories, but you’ll save on gas! (and those gas prices are soaring WAY too fast for my liking!)

3. Unplug….the tv, the clock, the radio, the computer, the toaster….anything that does not need immediate use! You’ll save on your electrical bill and maybe it will allow you to find some quiet time. Read a book, workout, go for a walk.

4. Enjoy a candlelight dinner! Turn off the lights and enjoy a delicious healthy meal with your loved ones!

5. Buy Local food!! Support our Local farmers! Do we really need to eat those strawberries that traveled ALL the way from California?!? Why eat food that’s traveled thousands of kilometers when we can purchase more nutrient rich food from a farmer that lives 100km, or 50km from us!

6. Plant a tree….or plant 10,000!! Visit and join in on the planting fun! This amazing volunteer group is dedicated to restoring the natural habitat within the Rouge River watershed.

7. Calling all High School students…..visit Sunrise Senior Living at 1279 Burnhamthorpe Rd on May 19th to help plant a vegetable garden with the residence of senior living. Email for more information.

8. Check out– a carbon neutral Canadian Manufacturing company. “Like” them on facebook and they’ll donate $5 to– a carbon offsetting company!! Or visit and make your own generous donation.

Enjoy Earth Day and make a conscious effort to reduce your carbon footprint!

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