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Did you just have an acne breakout? Is there more hair clogging up your drain than their is on your head? Have you spent hundreds of dollars on lotions, potions and serums only to find these products loaded with chemicals and leaving your skin dry and dull?

Watch the following video to learn more about my solution.

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Know this… You can achieve radiant glowing skin, diminish wrinkles, reduce acne, strengthen your hair and get that pearly white smile minus the chemicals and costly products.

And it doesn’t mean spending your hard earned cash on beauty consultations, chemical peels or following the latest celebrity beauty trend.

In fact, glowing skin comes from within and is tied to the food you eat. And at a fraction of the cost, you can create your very own all-natural beauty products that actually work and are free from toxic chemicals!




Did you know that Phthalates are hormone disruptors, which get into our system through inhalation or direct contact. Phthalates are found in many fragranced household and beauty products, such as air fresheners, dish soap, shampoos, creams, soaps and even toilet paper! Companies don’t have to disclose what’s in their scents, so you probably won’t even know it’s there!

And what about aluminum? Putting on antiperspirant is a routine part of most people’s day, and you may not think much about it, but here’s why you should: you could be increasing your risk of breast cancer.

Scary right?

So let’s talk about the products you’re currently using. Are they loaded with ingredients you can’t pronounce? Ingredients that promise you a radiant and youthful glow but never deliver?

And what about your diet? Is it loaded with sugar, preservatives and lacking vibrant nutrient rich foods that feed your skin and hair?

From synthetic fragrances, parabens and many other hormone disrupting chemicals, many store bought beauty products not only damage skin, but they are loaded with toxins that affects our health and hormones, causing us to age faster and potentially increase our risk of disease and even cancer!

Many years ago my cupboards were full of the latest and greatest beauty product. I was obsessed. Shampoos, conditioners, face creams, hair serums and skin firming creams; I’ve tried it all.

Not to mention, my diet was lacking nutrient dense fruits and vegetables and I was on the birth control pill, which caused my hair to fall out and disrupted my hormones, causing my skin to be dry and acne prone.

I’m sure you’re experiencing the same thing? Spending your hard earned cash on chemical beauty products (because the commercials are so convincing!), wasting your time and money trying to achieve healthy beautiful skin and hair and struggling with your very own hormonal imbalances, from adrenal fatigue, to thyroid, to pms or menopause.

Hundreds and thousands of women are experiencing the same thing and are struggling with all kinds of skin and body issues – from acne, to dryness, to eczema, psoriasis, weak and brittle hair and nails and cellulite. Plus, they’re sick and tired of using toxic and chemical-laden products that are harsh on their skin and damage their hormones.

Not to mention the chemicals we clean our homes with and the sunscreen we slather on ourselves and our kids. How can we trust that any of these products are safe and won’t cause health issues down the road?

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be this way. CleanBeautyU is my 6-week online program to help you achieve radiant skin, a healthy body, strong and lustrous hair and pearly whites. Whoever you are, whatever condition your skin, hair, nails, teeth, or body-care confidence is in right now, you CAN take control and achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

After cleaning up my diet and eating more organic whole foods and ditching my chemical beauty products for more natural ones, my skin and health started to soar. I dived deep into understanding skin health and experimented with essential oils and pure plant oils to nourish, heal and truly allow the skin to become vibrant and radiant.

Enter Clean Beauty U

As a Nutritionist, I’ve coached thousands of women over the past 10 years. With the right detox protocols, liver and gut support and by having them ditch their chemical-laden beauty products and teach them how to make their own, my clients skin, hair, teeth and body confidence have improved greatly!

Acne is gone, wrinkles are diminished, teeth and gums are whiter and healthier (and there are less visits to the dentist) and women are more body confident and educated about their health, hormones and beauty care regime.

I’m overwhelmed by the number of women passionately searching for the secret to healthy, vibrant skin, hair, nails and teeth and trying to find the answer in a fancy cream. Whether you’re wondering what nutrition has to do with acne, eczema, or psoriasis; or which natural, non-toxic products can actually deliver powerful results, or what your liver and gut health actually have to do with clear and youthful skin, CleanBeautyU tackles it all.

It’s time to put all the information – and MORE – all in one place. It’s time to help women (women just like you) find REAL solutions.

CleanBeautyU (university) is the answer you’ve been looking for! I am so excited to guide and teach you the exact steps you need to follow so that you can have gorgeous skin, strong hair, whiter teeth and incredible health. 

CleanBeautyU is a 6-week online course guided by me. This program will radically change the way you think about skincare, body care, and everything in-between. The key to natural skincare and a beautifully radiant body is at your fingertips and it can be achieved in just 6 weeks with my simple plan and protocols and me by your side!

Here’s what I’ll be teaching you in this 6-week online program:

Module 1  – Detoxification and Liver Health

In this module we’ll cover everything you need to know about the toxic chemical ingredients lurking in many conventional skin and body care products and how they affect your liver. I’ll share with you the ingredients you need to watch out for, exactly what to do to support and detox your liver, the best beauty foods to support your skin and detoxification and incredible supplements to include in your daily regime.

Module 2 – Gut Health

Beautiful skin starts from within and just with the liver, if your gut is not functioning optimally, the health of your skin and hair will suffer. If you’re feeling constipated, bloated or gasy, I’ll teach you exactly how to deal with these sensitive gut issues, what supplements to include to support gut health and what beauty foods to eat to support your gut.

Healing your body from the inside-out is the only approach that brings lasting results.

Module 3 – Skin

So how exactly do you achieve glowing, radiant skin? Clear up acne and reduce wrinkles? This module focuses solely on facial skin care. I’ll show you the best products to use, which brands actually deliver results and topical solutions for dealing with your most pressing skin issues and ridding them once and for all! Plus, you’ll learn the gipsy way of cleansing your delicate facial skin.

Module 4 – Hair

If you’re hair is falling out, brittle and dull, you’ll gain the exact tools in this module for strengthening your hair, supporting hair loss, and learn my simple DIY tips for reducing oil and buildup and making your own all natural hair care products. Plus, learn what might be the underlying cause to your hair loss and how hormones play a role.

Module 5 – Body

Ready to reduce your cellulite and achieve glowing skin? I thought so! You’ll learn simple and effective tips for diminishing cellulite, what brands actually deliver results topically for glowing skin, why dry skin brushing will be your new best friend and the right and wrong ways to shower. Plus, we’ll talk body odor and how to make your own effective and natural deodorant.

Module 6 – Dental Health

Bleaching your teeth with crest strips and paying way to much money for a dental visit? I’ll show you my exact step-by-step dental routine that has helped hundreds of people whiten their teeth and strengthen their gums, while visiting their dentist less! How about cavities? Well, let’s reverse them naturally so you can save money and stop your kids from getting them too!

By joining the CleanBeautyU program you’ll
also get access to these amazing bonuses

Bonus #1 – DIY Head-to-Toe Body Care Recipe Guide 

This amazing eguide is loaded with DIY recipes from shampoos, to conditioners, to face creams and serums, body creams and so much more! You’ll know exactly how to make your own all natural clean beauty products that are free of toxins and harsh chemicals. Plus, you already have the ingredients in your kitchen!

Bonus #2 – A-Z Essential Oil Guide

From acne, to anxiety, to burns, bruises, headaches, warts and wrinkles, you’ll know exactly which essential oils to use for healing. There’s no need to reach for chemical-laden products when you have this resource at your hands. Think of this as your medicine cabinet makeover guide! 

Bonus #3 – Eating for Beauty Recipe Guide

This guide is full of over 30+ incredible recipes that support your liver and gut and more importantly, help to beautify your skin from the inside out. From beautifying smoothies, soups and salads and delicious entrees, you’ll love the variety of recipes to choose from in this recipe eBook.

Bonus #4 – Beauty Care Products to Love & Trust 

Confused about which brands to trust and buy from the store? I hear ya! This guide has you covered! From skin care to hair care dental care and even make-up, this guide lists the best beauty brands to love and trust with your hard earned cash.




When you join CleanBeautyU, you’ll get access to these amazing guest expert interviews!

And that’s not all! I’ve recorded 10 DIY Beauty Care Recipe videos teaching YOU exactly how to make your own all-natural, Clean Beauty Products. And trust me, they take all of 4 minutes to make and you already have the ingredients right in your fridge! 

  • DIY Teeth Brightener

  • DIY Minty Mouthwash

  • DIY Charcoal Sea Salt Toothpaste

  • DIY Anti-Aging Facial Oil

  • DIY Lavender Deodorant

  • DIY Turmeric Honey Face Mask

  • Vanilla Lavender Body Scrub

  • DIY Anti-Dandruff Hair Mask

  • DIY Strengthen & Shine Hair Mask

  • DIY Brightening Face Mask

The CleanBeautyU Program is loaded with everything you need to achieve a healthy, beautiful body. I’ve covered it all in this 6-week online program that you have access to for life!

Having worked with clients for over 10 years I’ve seen dramatic healing and transformation take place all from following my simple, all natural and holistic protocols.

I want the same for you. And because working with me one-on-one is costly, I’ve designed the CleanBeautyU program to be cost effective.

CleanBeautyU contains everything I tackle with my clients in private consults for detoxing their body, supporting gut health and achieving radiant skin. This program is designed to help you finally achieve long lasting results with your skin, hair, teeth and body and more importantly, to educate you about the dangers and toxins lurking in beauty care products.

When we know better, we do better and this program is loaded with all the information you need to become a CleanBeauty, so that you can educate your family and more importantly, choose cleaner products for your kids.

Join the program today and step into more body confidence, greater health, more happiness and glow from the inside-out!




Got Questions about the CleanBeautyU Program? Let me help answer some FAQ’s:

WILL THIS PROGRAM HELP ME CLEAR UP MY ACNE AND/OR ECZEMA? I can’t guarantee that your acne or eczema will be 100% cleared, but I can promise that by following my steps and protocols you will see incredible improvements in your skin and your overall health. I share the same protocols I use with my private one-on-one coaching clients and they have had amazing results in my private practice. 

WILL MY HAIR STOP FALLING OUT AFTER TAKING THIS COURSE? This is not something I can guarantee, but I can promise you will see amazing improvements in the health of your hair. More importantly, you’ll learn why your hair is falling out in the first place and which hormones could be to blame. This way you can address the root cause of your hair loss and not just mask it. 

CAN YOU TELL ME MORE ABOUT THE EATING FOR BEAUTY eBOOK? Absolutely! My Eating for Beauty ebook is full of  beautifying detox recipes that are delicious and easy to prepare. From smoothies, to juices, to salads, bone broths, entrees and desserts, there are over 30 amazing recipes to choose from. These recipes will beautify your body from the inside out, support your hormones and gently detox your body. You just might shed a few pounds too!

WILL I HAVE A BETTER UNDERSTANDING ABOUT WHICH BEAUTY PRODUCTS TO BUY AFTER TAKING THIS PROGRAM? You betcha! That’s one of the reasons why I created the program. In fact, I created the Beauty Brands to Love and Trust guide detailing the best non-toxic beauty brands that you can trust your hard earned cash with. Plus, I update this eGuide regularly with all the latest brands! 

DO I NEED TO TAKE SUPPLEMENTS, PILLS OR POWDERS?  There are many supplements and products I recommend throughout the program but they are not necessary. We dive into supplementation and I help you choose the best supplements for your health, skin, hair and hormones, but nothing is required, so don’t worry. You never need to feel inclined to take anything and more importantly, you’ll learn where to spend your money if you ever do decide to supplement. 

I HAVE SOCIAL COMMITMENTS AND MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO WATCH ALL THE MODULES IN 6 WEEKS. WHAT DO I DO? Not to worry. This program is all about going at your own pace. You will have access to EVERYTHING right away once you join and you can get started whenever you like. There is no set schedule or no weekly time commitments. Join now, get access for life, start whenever you like!

IF THIS PROGRAM IS GO AT YOUR OWN PACE, IS THERE AN OPPORTUNITY TO CONNECT WITH YOU TO ASK YOU QUESTIONS? Yes! There is a private CleanBeautyU Facebook group. You can connect with me in this group and ask whatever questions you like. I’ll be in the group regularly sharing additional information, tips and tricks and extra bonuses! 

WHAT IS THE REFUND POLICY? CleanBeautyU is a completely digital program. Due to the nature of the program, nothing is returnable, so we cannot refund you on any digital products and programs.