5 Foods That Are Making Your PMS Worse

It comes and goes with a vengeance. Or sometimes, it comes and goes with ease. Maybe it’s so erratic that you really don’t know what to predict. 

I’m talking about your period. Your monthly flow helps to flush toxicity from your body, it’s the reason you are a WOMAN and most importantly, can allow you to make a baby! Your period is powerful. 

I dreaded my period back in my teenage days. I mean no one wants to get their period when it’s long weekend and everyone’s getting ready to party and you’re curled over with cramps, feeling bloated and your mood swings are fierce! It’s not pretty. 

But like all the other teenage girls, I went on the birth control pill and completely shut down my endocrine system, ovulation and impaired my gut health and created deep hormonal chaos. You can read more on that story by clicking here and learn why the pill is ruining is your health. 

The pill never really “solved” my PMS. I was still popping advil and using a hot water bottle to ease my cramps. Not to mention the bags of chips I would demolish in an attempt to fix my erratic cravings. Salty? Sweet? I wanted both!

I never really paid attention to what I ate during the month, or how it could relate to my PMS. It wasn’t until studying nutrition and adopting the Qualitarian diet that everything came into perceptive. I ditched the pill and healed my hormones, with food. 

I also learned the very foods I needed to avoid in order to balance my hormones and heal my PMS for good. So if you can relate to this story, which I’m sure so many women can, I highly recommend you ditch these 5 foods that are making your PMS worse. (*they are also causing weight gain, unstable moods, digestive upsets, fatigue, aging and impairing your liver). 

So listen up ladies… 

It’s time to grab the bull by the horns and heal your hormones naturally by eliminating these inflammatory culprits from your diet. High inflammatory foods cause hormonal chaos, spike insulin levels, lower immunity and make PMS symptoms worse. 

You Ready?

FOOD CULPRIT #1 – Sugar. Ugh! I know you’re sick of me talking about ditching the sugar, but this inflammatory food is impairing your liver, spiking your insulin and is the very reason behind your cravings, irritability and mood swings. Now when I say sugar, what I am referring to is a high concentration of fructose + glucose, such as soft drinks, candies, sweets, baked goods, breakfast cereals (yes, I know, I said cereal! It’s high in sugar so ditch it), fruit juices, large amounts of fruit, honey and chocolate (typically milk chocolate). Starches in the form of sweet potato, quinoa, squashes and rice are ok to eat. They still fall into the “carbohydrate/sugar” category but are much more nutritious then eating baked goods and cereals. Stick with these dense, more nutritious starches are you’re golden. 

FOOD CULPRIT #2 – Wheat. I’m sure you’ve heard that gluten and wheat are the root of all evil. And well, for some, it most definitely is. It really all depends on the state of your digestive health. If you are a celiac or suffer with crohn’s or colitis, then you most definitely need to ditch the gluten. The problem with our wheat today is that it is hybridized. It is NOT produced the traditional way and contains a ton of herbicides and pesticides. I use gluten and wheat interchangeably here because wheat contains gluten, so if you avoid one, you avoid both. Wheat is an inflammatory food and most people find they suffer with bloating, gas, digestive upsets, headaches and migraines and some women who have ditched the wheat, have found a dramatic improvement with their cycle and pre menstrual symptoms. 

FOOD CULPRIT #3 – Dairy. Second to wheat, dairy is a very common food sensitivity. Aside from the antibiotics and hormones which you are eating and drinking, dairy contains a protein called A1 casein. This protein is inflammatory and over stimulates your immune system. As a note, A1 casein is found primarily in Holstein cows and very small amounts in Jersey cows, goats and sheep. With my one-on-one clients I eliminate dairy to help calm down the inflammatory response which in turn helps to support a health menstrual cycle. Also, I eliminate dairy in ALL my clients who are suffering with eczema, acne, sinus infections and asthma.  

FOOD CULPRIT #4 – Vegetable Oils. Soy, corn, canola, cottonseed, safflower and sunflower oils are cheap, contain toxic trans fats and are highly inflammatory. These cheap oils increase your Omega 6 fatty acids. Although omega 6 is important, we want to ensure we get these fatty acids from nuts and seeds instead. Too many Omega 6’s will throw off the delicate balance to Omega 3’s which are anti inflammatory and needed for a healthy hormonal response. Replace these oils with grass fed butter, ghee, coconut oil, fish oil, avocado and olive oil. 

FOOD CULPRIT #5 – Alcohol. Your liver is your main detoxifying organ and one of it’s many jobs, is to metabolize hormones. Alcohol will slow down your livers ability to detoxify, which in turn will slow down how effectively you eliminate and metabolize excess hormones. Alcohol is also highly estrogenic and 2 glasses of wine a night can increase your chances of breast cancer by 250%!!!! That.Is.Crazy! Eliminate or drastically reduce your alcohol intake and if you’d like to enjoy a glass of red or white on the weekends (notice I said GLASS, not glasses), try mixing it with some kombucha. 

Make the effort to reduce or eliminate these foods from your diet and your hormonal health will improve drastically. PMS symptoms is all about managing hormones and being able to provide our body with the right nutrients and support throughout the entire month, not just 1 week prior to your period. An easy breezy period with little to no PMS symptoms is a sign that your hormones are in a good ratio, healthy and happy.

Women are often confused as to what they can eat to optimize their hormones. In my book, The Qualitarian Life I provide a delicious and healthy meal plan with over 60+ recipes you can choose from. All recipes are great for supporting your hormones and are free from all the inflammatory culprits. You can get my book by clicking here. It’s a digital book and can be downloaded instantly.  

If you’re looking to dive deeper into healing you hormones, easing your menstrual cycle, regulating your cycle, reducing or eliminating your PMS symptoms or thinking about ditching the pill, feel free to reach out to me at samanthagladish@gmail.com. We can set up a 20 minute consult call to discuss your health and outline the best approach and protocol for you. 

In the meantime, comment below and let me know how you manage your PMS symptoms, what foods you need to eliminate and what your PMS cravings are! I’d love to know ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Cheers to healthy & happy hormones
Samantha xoxo


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Feeling Like S@%! This Could Be Why…

You may have visited countless doctors complaining about your irregular cycle or your indigestion or constipation issues. Or maybe you just feel off. Fatigued, no energy, and just plain exhausted. I’m sure you were told, “oh, it’s nothing to worry about, here, take this,” as you were handed either a birth control pill, antacid or some other pharmaceutical “band-aid’ to heal your pain. 

I know the feeling. Years ago with constant headaches and migraines and an irregular cycle, my doctor put me on the birth control pill and handed me some migraine med’s as the cure all. 

Well, let me tell you. It wasn’t a cure all, and in fact, my health issues only got worse. 

Maybe you’re at a point in your life where you feel desperate for answers and almost hopeless. You’re confused and fed up and just really want a change.

From deadlines, to lack of sleep and eating on the run and just not having enough time to fit everything in, we’re all running around with our eyeballs bulging out of our heads, sleep deprived and suffering with anxiety, hormonal imbalances, unmanageable stress and an extra tire around our waists. Let’s face it, it sucks!

There’s a few things that could be causing this…

1. Stress – you are running through your day like a chicken with it’s head cut off and just can’t seem to “catch up.” You feel tired and wired all at the same time and can barely catch your breath. Your body can’t tell the difference between the stress of running from a tiger or the stress of a deadline at work. It’s all the same thing. Which means, if you can’t manage your day to day tasks, projects, relationships and everything else that fills up your day, your body is tirelessly running from a tiger that isn’t there! 

2. Food – you’re filling yourself up with fast food, toxic food, hormone induced food and poor quality food. This isn’t about becoming a tree hugger and going all out organic, but you do need to have more conscious awareness about what you’re eating and where it’s coming from. Made in a factory, ditch it. Grown on a farm, eat it!

3. Sugar – from impairing your liver’s ability to detoxify, from imbalancing blood sugar and a whack of other hormones (insulin, cortisol, adrenaline and estrogen to name a few), your body is on a sugar roller coaster than has more lows than highs. Sugar makes you want more sugar, it makes you fat, it gives you anxiety and it slooooows you down, mentally, emotionally and physically. Stop eating it!

4. Environmental Toxins – yes, we are exposed to many that we can’t avoid, but we do have control over a lot of them. From the food we eat, to the products we use to clean our house with and the body care we use (this includes, toothpaste, deodorant and hair products), we can choose healthier, cleaner options that do not contain a boat load of ingredients that we can’t pronounce. Look for products free from SLS, parabens, colourings, perfumes, alcohol, dyes, ammonia, bleach (and the hundreds of other chemical compounds) that increase our estrogen levels and put us at a risk for developing cancer. 

So… it’s pretty obvious that we need to manage these above 4 things if we want to improve our overall health and stop feeling like shit, but we can go deeper. 

Detoxification is the missing link to having balanced hormones, a happy and healthy period (goodbye bloating and PMS symptoms), optimal digestion, a vibrant libido and a slimmer waist line. In fact, detoxification will help to rid your body of the chemicals and toxins lurking around your system that are slowing you down and causing you to feel the way you feel. 

So how do you detox? 

If you are new to detoxing, I personally don’t recommend you run out a buy a 10-day detox kit. Although these can be effective, they can also cause you to spend many days in the bathroom, if you know what I mean. 

It’s all about the food when it comes to detoxification. Food is healing and food contains the necessary nutrients to support your body’s ability to detoxify. 

Enrolment into my online Spring Detox is going on now and I would love for you to join! I cover everything you need to eat and include in your diet to support detoxification, plus I take the overwhelm away of what to eat (and not eat) with my delicious and detoxifying meal plan. I’ve also included a ton of detox resources, such as my 3-day Juice Cleanse and Essential Guide to Detoxing ebooks which guide you every step of the way to truly healing and assisting your body in coming back into balance so you can feel good again. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE SPRING DETOX TODAY!

In the meantime, include these 4 delicious and healthy foods into your diet to support detoxification and get a kick start on feeling damn good again!

1. Broccoli – this incredible veggie includes cancer protective compounds and nutrients that help to flush heavy metals from your system and sweep out excess estrogen from your gut. Yes, it does all of that! Cauliflower and brussel sprouts do this too!

2. Turmeric – more of a herb than a “food.” this herb supports the livers ability to regenerate, assists in protecting your cells from oxidative damage and helps to flush out toxins and chemicals fromm your system. Include it in your dishes. I like to put it on my eggs or mix it into my cauliflower mash. 

3. Citrus – lemons, limes and grapefruit all support the health of the liver, plus they support the gallbladder and can reduce the risk of developing gallstones. These fruits are detoxifying powerhouses and can easily be included into your diet daily. 

4. Cabbage – go for the purple kind as it contains almost 8 times more vitamin C than the green cabbage. Vitamin C is an important nutrient that helps to support the detoxification pathways. Plus, due to it being high in antioxidants like vitamins A and E, it also has the ability to support your adrenal glands and manage your cortisol levels. In other words, it’s a de-stressing food! 

This is a great detoxifying start! Incorporate these above foods, manage stress, reduce sugar, eat quality food and be cautious of environmental toxins and you are well on your way to radiant health and a better quality life. 

I would love to hear from you and what detoxifying foods you like to include in your diet. Share with us!

Cheers to Detoxing,
Samantha xo

P.S Our Spring Detox closes in a few days. Be sure to join today and grab all your amazing bonuses! CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW!

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Detoxify or Die

 Detox is not as scary as you think! Trust me. But it is definitely something we need to be more conscious of and understand. 

In fact, I’m reading a book right now by Dr. Sherry A. Rogers, titled Detoxify or Die. It was actually published in 2002 and I’m just getting around to reading it now. It’s a pretty intimidating title!

Dr. Rogers dives into the importance of why we need to detox and helps you to become aware of the many chemicals and toxins lurking in our environment and food. 

There have been many books published since then outlining why detoxification is so important and along with that, there have been some very interesting ways and methods to detox! From saunas, to enemas, to raw food cleanses, juice cleanses and 72 hour fasts; it’s no wonder we’re all confused about health and what it means to truly take care of our bodies!

You know how nice it feels to drive your car home after getting a tune up? The oil is squeaky clean, the fluids have been topped off, windshield wipers have been changed, tire pressure is at that perfect level, and itโ€™s been washed inside and out? Well, just like our cars need a tune up, a seasonal detox allows our bodies to become shiny and new again too.  It allows our body to reboot our metabolism, boost our immunity, clears the cobwebs from our minds, gives our skin a chance to glow, and allows us to lose weight effortlessly.

After 10 years of studying detoxification and putting ALL my clients through specific detox protocols (because let’s face it, we are all exposed to toxins and need to clear them), I’ve developed the best nutritional detox protocols and herbal therapies that have helped my clients tremendously. In fact, a detox program has been profound for my clients who have been struggling with infertility. 

Some people are afraid that a detox will be too hard. In fact, I often find my clients let their mental clutter get in the way of truly achieving the health and body they so badly desire.

I’ve heard all the excuses! From I have to paint my house, to my husband doesn’t approve of this, to I don’t have the time, to I just don’t have the money… I’ve heard it all when it comes to people holding themselves back from moving forward in their life and putting their health first. I know you want to be happy, feel energetic, vibrant, and full of joy. I know that your bloated tummy, all consuming sugar cravings and constant fatigue won’t go away on it’s own unless you address it.

So how do you address it? Easy.

By eating real, whole foods and making yourself a priority. It’s that simple.

You don’t need to run out and buy the latest detox kit, some magic supplement or expensive enema kit. By incorporating simple and effective detox techniques and using food as medicine, you can detox easily and on the cheap!

 Here are 5  simple and effective detox tips that you can implement today to start feeling more vibrant, less bloated and more energized:

  1. Start your day with warm water and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. This is a simple way to detox the liver and increase bile flow
  2. Drink more water – you need water to help flush toxins from your system. I personally am a big fan of spring water. You can locate a spring near you at www.findaspring.com
  3. Eat more fiber – from fruits and veggies, to psyllium, flax and chia, there are many great ways to increase your fiber intake. You need fiber to help bind to toxins in your gut to help flush them out. This is where the water really comes in!
  4. Sweat! An infrared sauna is one of the best ways to release deep rooted toxins. Search for one in local gyms or spas near you. Otherwise, exercise, steam rooms, and hot baths are great ways to sweat and get those toxins out!
  5. Ditch the sugar – ok, I know this one is hard but it’s necessary. Start to cut back your intake and pay attention to the hidden sugars lurking in many packaged foods. Artificial sweeteners are a big no-no too! Sugar impairs your liver and gut from detoxifying effectively. 

Luckily for you I’m launching my Qualitarian Spring Detox next week! My 21-day detox contains over 100+ recipes, an easy to follow meal plan and a complete detox guide explaining the ins and outs to detoxing. Oh! You’ll also get my 3-day juice and smoothie cleanse, my Qualitarian Life ebook and exercise guide too! All the tools necessary to take the guess work out of how to detox, what to eat and what supplements to take. 

You will NOT feel deprived. We are going to keep it simple and eat wholesome, nourishing foods. The only thing you have to lose is some unwanted pounds, dark circles and puffiness under your eyes, and that feeling of lethargy that has been dragging you down. You will discover your blueprint for the foods that work for your unique body and I’ll be there cheering you on every step of the way!

 Be sure to sign up for our newsletter (you’ll receive my best breakfast recipe book) and we’ll keep you in the loop as to when the detox launches. (Hint hint – cart opens April 7th)

In the meantime, implement my 5 tips above and get started detoxing and energizing your body today!


Detoxer Extraordinaire
Samantha xoxo

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Why The Birth Control Pill Ruined My Health and is Probably Ruining Yours!

I remember at the young age of 17 being in my doctors office explaining to him that my periods were irregular, I had headaches around my cycle, I was bloated and all around irritated. 

I remember saying “Doc, I think I should go on the birth control pill.”

He replied “absolutely! You can start today!” as he handed me a blue and pink pack of pills. 

I remember specifically asking to go on the pill because it’s all I had ever heard about at school. All the other girls were doing it and had easy breezy cycles, so why wouldn’t I do it too!?

BIG mistake!

Going on the pill at the time seemed like the best option. Regular periods, not having to worry about pregnancy, taking the pill during my actual period so I could go swimming up at the cottage. I mean, skipped periodsโ€ฆawesome!

Actually, NOT awesome!

The birth control pill suppresses ovulation. If you ain’t ovulating, your throwing off your entire hormonal system. Regular ovulation means you are fertile, hormones are in check and your cells and endocrine system are happy!

You see, having imbalanced hormones, headaches and issues with your cycle is a beautiful sign that something is up with your body! Something is ‘off’ and needs your attention. By taking the birth control pill, you completely mask these symptoms. You end up shutting down how your endocrine (hormone) system functions and create deeper issues, not just with your hormones, but with digestion, brain function, fertility and immunity. 

I remember getting hit hard with the flu throughout my teenage years on numerous occasions. When I got the flu, it got me good! I was a write off for a good week. 

I suffered with terrible digestion as a teenager, had thin-brittle hair, brain fog and pretty intense sugar cravings. 

Speaking of sugar cravings, my blood sugar imbalances and high carb diet was the biggest contributor to my imbalanced menstrual cycle. 

Yup, it’s true, sugar, bagels, cereals, grains, alcohol, potatoes and poor quality meat (loaded with antibiotics and hormones) contribute to heavy and irregular periods, bloating, gas, headaches, irritability, fatigue, brain fog, digestive upsets and insulin imbalance! When your insulin is high, guess what? You gain weight! Oh joy!

Soโ€ฆthinking of ditching the pill? We should talk! Email me at samanthagladish@gmail.com and let me know if you want help getting off the pill and gaining back your hormonal health. 

Otherwise, read on for 3 reasons why the birth control pill is ruining your health…

1. Digestion – taking synthetic hormones can actually effect the lining in your gut. This can lead to a host of problems, such as Crohn’s, leaky gut issues, allergies and a ton of digestive upsets. Feeling bloated, like your 6 months pregnant and can’t get rid of that gut? You could blame the pill. 

2. Immunity – the pill, as with all pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics also damage the gut lining, but they also impact your good bacteria in your gut. You see, your immune system ‘lives’ in your gut! You need healthy, thriving bacteria in order to have a strong immune system. This is why probiotics are so important for over all health. 

3. Mineral Deficiencies – the pill robs you of minerals. This all goes back to gut health. Your gut actually absorbs and assimilates minerals for you, such as B 12, zinc and magnesium. Without these, you could have serious issues with fertility and on top of that, you’re probably feeling exhausted, depleted, having thinning hair, cramping, and dull skin. This is all due to lacking important minerals. So can you just take a mineral complex and some B vitamins and call it a day? Well, I do encourage these supplements if you are taking the pill, but at the same time, if you continue to take the pill while supplementing with these products, your still not getting the optimal dose. Saying your going to cut back on smoking is still smoking! Ditch the pill (or the cigarettes) for optimal health and hormones. 

You can gain back hormonal health, vitality, increase your changes of conceiving and lose weight. You can actually achieve so much more than this!!

If your concerned about your diet, your health and your hormones, email me at samanthagladish@gmail.com and let’s talk about it!

You can reclaim your health, your libido, your fertility and vitality in a few short weeks. 

Trust me, it’s possible! 

Cheers to your AMAZING health!

Your Badass Wellness Coach, 
Samantha xoxo




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5 Natural Remedies for PMS Relief

I know many women that struggle with hormonal imbalances and dread getting their period. I’ve struggled with my own PMS issues. From headaches, to bloating, irritability and exhaustion, I used to crawl up into a ball and stay in bed for days during my period. I’m sure many of you can relate.

In my teens and early twenties, I was very disconnected from my cycle. I was on the birth control pill (hello synthetic hormones!) and not eating the type of clean, organic diet that I eat today. On top of that, I was quite deficient in many vitamins and minerals. You see, the birth control pill robs you of vitamin C and energy producing B vitamins. 

As I started to study holistic nutrition and understand the physiology of the body, I ditched the pill, starting supplementing with specific and essential nutrients and swapped my sugar and gluten for vibrant green veggies, quality protein and yummy fat. 

If my life gets really busy (hello stress) and I fall off my regular eating patterns, my pesky PMS symptoms tend to show up. As women, our cycles are very delicate and our hormones are changing all the time. Our bodies like routine. Going to bed at the same time, eating regular meals, exercising daily, staying hydratedโ€ฆ this is all essential for optimal hormonal balance. 

So if headaches, bloating, breast tenderness, irritability and cramping are getting the best of you during your cycle, include my 5 essential remedies below to ditch those pesky symptoms and get to feeling like your sexy and sassy self again!

  1. Magnesium – This is such an important mineral. You can get magnesium from eating lots of leafy greens, like kale, spinach and collards. Even cacao is super rich in magnesium. Nothing like a little bit of chocolate! Magnesium helps reduce cramping and bloating. Plus, it’s great for helping you unwind and relax before bed. I like to take 400mg of magnesium bisglycinate before bed. Be sure to include magnesium in your diet or supplement regime the week prior to your period to help with symptoms. 
  2. Red Raspberry Leaf – you can find this in supplement form or in tea. It’s great for reducing bloating and cramping. Plus, it’s a great fertility herb. Red raspberry leaf contains a ton of nutrients and minerals, such as calcium. I prefer to drink this in tea form. It’s great hot or cold. 
  3. Fish oil – one of the best supplements you can take for your hormones! Fish oil contains omega 3’s which are so important for heart health, brain cognition and inflammation. You see, your hormones need fat to function. Getting enough quality omega 3’s in your diet is essential for optimal hormonal health. Plus, your skin and hair will look extra beautiful as you nourish and ‘moisturize’ them from the inside out. 
  4. Maca – a peruvian herb that is great for balancing hormones, nourishing the adrenal glands and boosting your energy. You can find maca in pill, powder or tincture form. I like to use the powder and add it to my morning smoothies. 
  5. Coconut oil – delicious and nutritious! Eat it by the spoon, use it to cook your veggies or add it to smoothies. Coconut oil contains essential building blocks to balance your hormones, ease inflammation, help with weight loss and contains a ton of antibacterial properties. This is a must have!

Ok… so I know I said 5, but I can’t help but throwing one more in the mix. Often with my clients, I like to use a homeopathic blend called Pascofemin.

It acts as a hormone balancer and helps to relieves symptoms associated with menopause, PMS, and other hormonal disturbances such as hot flashes, sleep disorders, bloating, mood swings, irritability, breast tenderness, abdominal pain, headaches and estrogen dominance. 8 out of 10 women found such significant relief from their symptoms when taking Pascofemin that they continued to incorporate it into their daily supplement regime. Click here to find out more about Pascofemin.

Have questions about your period and cycle? Looking to get your cycle back on track? Have you come off the birth control pill and are struggling to get your cycle back or dealing with hormonal weight gain? Email me for a free 20 minute consult call to discuss your health and goals with me: samanthagladish@gmail.com

Cheers to happy hormone balancing!

Samantha xo

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Supplements & Tips for Managing Stress

Back in the day, I worked in a health food. I connected with people daily who suffered with an array of health concerns, but the most common concern and complaint I got was STRESS!

I’m sure most of us don’t have the opportunity to lounge around all day, kick back, take in some sun, down some pina coladas….I mean some health conscious antioxidant green tea…of course!

Stress can lead to a host of health problems, including digestive upsets, intestinal problems, weight gain, acne, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, high blood pressure….you name it!

Researchers estimate that stress contributes to as many as 80 percent of all major illnesses! Stress can be emotional, physical, social, or even mental. There is good stress and bad stress. I know that may sound a little strange, but working out for example, is stress physically on the body. It’s great for our overall health, but if we are not eating properly or using the rights supplements for recovery then we may just be adding stress to our bodies.

So…..how do we handle stress? First and foremost, we need to eliminate our stressor, if that’s at all possible. For most people, this can be rather challenging. If we can’t eliminate stress in our daily lives, we need to learn how to manage our stress, productively!

This can mean finding ways to slow down during your day, enjoying a hot bath at night as a way to calm and ease anxiety or simply calling up a girlfriend to vent to.

So here is my go-to list of things to do/supplements to take when stressed:

1. BREATHE!! How often do we rush through the day feeling time-constrained and overwhelmed and never pay attention to our breathing?! This is one of the most important…and easiest… and cheapest ways to manage our stress. When we are stressed, our breathing tends to be shallow and fast, instead of slow and steady.

Practice breathing through your diaphragm…here’s how:
Start by lying on back (use your bed or the floor). This will make it easier to develop the proper deep breathing technique the first couple of times. Place one hand on your upper chest and the other on your belly just above your waist. Breathe in slowly through your nose. You should feel the hand on your belly rise. Breathe out slowly through your mouth. The hand on your belly should gradually lower. Repeat steps 3 and 4 a few times, then focus on allowing your ribcage to expand and widen as your belly moves out, so that you are filling up your entire lungs, from bottom to top.

2. Take a B-Complex- Our B vitamins (along with other nutrients) get depleted when we are stressed which can lead to many nutrient deficiencies. B vitamins are important for the proper functioning of our nervous system and B5 in particular, is the anti-stress vitamin! B5 plays a role in the functioning of our adrenal glands and our adrenals can become quite fatigued if we are constantly under stress.

3. Antioxidant Supplement– Stress causes free radical formation and to fend off the damage of these free radicals, we need to constantly supply our bodies with lots of antioxidants. I am a big fan of Juice Plus+, which are fruits and vegetables in a capsule. Taking Juice Plus+ pretty replaces having to take a multi-vitamin, vitamin C and an antioxidant supplement. You get all of that just by taking Juice Plus+. Talk about cost effective! We can get antioxidants through our food of course – fruits, vegetables, and superfoods, but often it’s not enough to fend off free radical damage, so supplementing is key. 

4. L-Theanine– this amino acid, found primarily in green tea leaves produces a relaxed mental and emotional state without any sleepy side-effects. It even improves memory, concentration and performance! It works by generating different brain waves and increasing the formation of GABA, a neurotransmitter that is key to relaxation and memory. You can generally find this in chewable forms (Natural factors makes a great one), and 100-200mg should do the trick!

5. Adaptogens– these nutrients are in a class of their own and I could go on and on about which ones to take. Adaptogens are metabolic regulators. They help an ‘organism’ adapt to its environment to avoid damage. Since our adrenal glands come become overworked and fatigued from daily stress, it’s important to help nourish these glands.

Some adaptogens I love:
Rhodiola can boost brain function and memory and has significant anti-fatigue effects. It’s great for reducing mental fatigue, improving sleep patterns and stabilizing mood. Dosages can range from 250-500mg. This brand here is my absolute favourite!
Ashwagandha this tonic herb enhances mental function, improves overall health, increases energy and vitality all while strengthening the immune system. Dosages can range from 100 up to 750mg.
Holy Basil– this herb helps to reduce anxiety, helps with mental focus and promotes a positive stress response. It is also known to elevate your spirits and is a herb used often in Ayurvedic medicine. It is said that “Holy Basil delivers nutrients to the mind necessary for the experience of enlightenment.” Dosage range is typically 500mg.

I hope this info helps you feel calmer, lighter, energized, and full of vitality. And remember…..often times, all we need to do is BREATHE.

Have you checked out the amazing before and afters of my clients? These women have taken charge of their stress, nutrition and are supplementing with the right products specifically for their body and have lots significant amounts of weight. Click here to see all the success stories!

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Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

September long weekend…..no sun, rain, and 3 days of sweaters! My tan is fading fast! As we head into the cooler months and cover up with over sized sweaters, our sunny summer glow slowly starts to fade away.

So how can we keep our skin looking flawless and keep our glow all winter long?? We need to dry skin brush!! So….what do you need you ask??

First, a brush made with naturals bristles (preferable) not synthetic so it won’t scratch the surface of your skin. A long handle would be great as well to reach inaccessible areas of your back. A loofah may also be used, as long as it’s not wet, but you definitely get more benefits from a dry brush.

Our skin is our largest organ and responsible for 1/4 of your body’s daily detoxification! That’s huge! Dry skin brushing can help assist your body with proper toxin elimination. It assists with detoxification by helping to cleanse your lymphatic system of toxins that accumulate in your lymph glands, it aids in increasing circulation, opens pores and truly invigorates your skin.

Everyday we are exposed to toxins, whether is be from food and/or the environment. If we cannot properly eliminate these toxins, our skin will be ONE of the many organs that suffer. Cell renewal will take longer, wrinkles become more apparent, acne, eczema or psoriasis can worsen, and our everyday glow will start to fade.

Dry skin brushing will help to:
– rid your body of metabolic wastes
– encourage cell regeneration
– increase blood flow
– lessen the appearance of cellulite
– improve muscle tone
– eliminate dead skin cells
– improve lymphatic congestion (which in turn will support estrogen dominance and symptoms such as swollen breasts and breast tenderness around your cycle)

How to Dry Brush:

Always dry brush before getting into the shower…hence the word DRY! Brushing on wet skin will not have the same effects on cell regeneration.

1. Begin with long sweeping strokes, starting from the soles of your feet. Work upwards towards your legs and thighs.
2. From your hands, work up towards your elbows and towards your shoulders. Brush across your stomach and buttocks.
3. Try to brush upwards from your lower back to your neck
4. Strokes should always be towards the heart
5. Brush several times in each area

Extra Tips:

Try to dry brush first thing in the morning. Afterwords, try alternating between hot and cold water in the shower to further stimulate circulation and bring blood to the surface of your skin. Always begin with hot and end with cold. Hot and cold showers is just another therapeutic way to invigorate your skin, ease muscles soreness and enhance overall health!

Happy Brushing!

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