Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Tea

This immune elixir is full of incredible benefits. 

Let’s break it down:

Turmeric, which contains the active ingredient Curcumin is an anti inflammatory powerhouse that helps to ease muscle and joint pain, protect the heart and reduce inflammation as a whole. So if your dealing with any type of “itis,” such as colitis, arthritis, cystitis, burstis… you get the idea; turmeric can help!

Curcumin has also been shown to have anti cancer properties. “Some proponents believe it may prevent and slow the growth of a number of types of cancer, particularly tumors of the esophagus, mouth, intestines, stomach, breast, and skin” according to the American Cancer Society. 

This incredible spice is also an amazing detoxifier, helping to support the health of the liver. In fact it is incredibly effective at increasing bile release, which helps with fat digestion. 

Speaking of liver health, it is common for people experiencing skin issues, such as eczema, psoriasis or acne to have a congested liver. Drink this tea to help cleanse and detox the liver and in turn support the health of your skin. 

Enjoy this Turmeric Tea anytime throughout your day. You can feel free to strain the ingredients into a mug, but I personally like the thickness of it. 

Happy Sipping! 🙂 

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.24.58 AM


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9 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

Spa still life with lavender oil salt and flowers on wooden table

I’ve been using oils for years. From diffusing, to cleaning to making my own body care products, essential oils have really become a part of my daily routine. 

One of my favourite essential oils and a very popular oil people know and love to use, is Lavender. 

Dating back thousands of years ago, the Egyptians and Romans used Lavender for mummification, bathing, relaxation, cooking, and even as a perfume. 

This sweet and delicate oil is must-have to keep at home or when traveling. From sleep to bug bites and bee stings, this beautiful oil can take care of it all! 

Here are 9 uses for Lavender essential oil:

  1. Depression/anxiety– Diffuse into air. Rub onto hands and chest. Can combine with castor oil and rub onto chest or stomach. 
  2. Sleep/Insomnia – Rub 1-2 drops on bottoms of feet and/or chest. You can also add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and spray onto your pillow before bed or diffuse into your room before sleeping. 
  3. Diaper Rash– Add 1-2 drops to a tablespoon of coconut oil and rub a little on child’s rash.
  4. Sunburn/Burns– Either rub it on directly or add 10 drops to 4 oz distilled water; shake well. Spray on location to help with pain, healing and redness.
  5. Teething – Put a drop on your finger and rub it on child’s gums. Clove also works very well for this put taste wise is quite strong! 
  6. Allergies/Hay Fever – Rub on the bottoms of feet with Peppermint.
  7. Bites/bee stings – Place drop directly on the bite to reduce swelling and itchiness.
  8. Stretch Marks– Add 5-10 drops to 1/4 cup jojoba oil or coconut oil and apply to body. Keep sealed in a jar. 
  9. Pregnancy – Soothes breasts and can be used during labor on feet & hips to help with breathing and relaxation.

Always use precaution with oils. It’s important to source out quality and purity, especially if using an oil internally for teeth and gums. Typically, a pure therapeutic grade oil will be quite strong in scent and very little will be needed. 

I noticed this over the years as I continued to switch from brand to brand and testing out different companies. 

What are your favourite oils?

Have questions about using them or where to start? 

Connect with me and let me help!



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Elide’s Weight Loss Success Story

Meet Elide…

The incredible and brave woman I have the privilege of working with. 

Elide came to me late last year looking to lose weight and get off her diabetic medication. For years she had been trying to lose weight, but was struggling due to medications, inflammation and not having the right support. 

I remember our phone call and the hesitation in her voice to spend money. We talked for an hour and I took the time to truly listen to her concerns and needs, letting her know that my program was not just some random cookie cutter meal plan, but a customized plan geared to specifically address her diabetes, blood sugar imbalances and inflammation.

Elide is one determined and committed woman and I am inspired by her daily. She’s taken the time to educate herself over the years about quality food and made a commitment to eat organic and source out the best foods she could find. She found this dramatically improved her health and in turn, she became an incredible role model for her 2 teenage daughters. 

Having suffered through 2 car crashes which almost completely immobilized her and being passed from doctor to doctor and loaded up on med’s, its no wonder she gained weight and had been struggling to lose it. 

Elide is determined to get off her med’s, reverse her inflammation and truly heal herself. She is the most positive woman I know and her mental and emotional state has been a huge reason to her success. 

I am truly grateful to work with her and be her coach on this incredible weight loss journey. 

In a short 4 weeks, Elide is down almost 20 pounds and off one of her medications! 

Her fasting morning glucose has dropped from 9 to 5.2 and her blood sugar is completely balanced and regulated between meals. In fact, she hasn’t even craved for something sweet or indulgent. 

Her joints feel better and she has more energy then ever before!!

I cannot wait to see her progress over the next month. 

By eating clean, nutrient dense whole foods, like fish, chicken and turkey, healthy fats like avocado oil, ghee and coconut oil and loading her plate up with fresh vegetables and leafy greens, Elide is a true testament to what eating whole foods can do to your body and health.

In fact, she even gets to enjoy bread on her meal plan, plus a weekly treat meal of her choice! 

I am so proud of her and grateful to her for sharing her story with all of you. 

Check out her incredible before and after photos! She looks amazing! 

If Elide can do it… SO CAN YOU!!

B&A_Elide_Feb 4 2015

 If you are interested in my Metabolic Weight Loss Program, you can read more about it HERE. Let’s set up a FREE 20 minute consult to discuss your weight loss goals and discuss if this program is right for you. I look forward to hearing from you. Please email me at –

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Are Toxins Lurking in Your Personal Care Products?

some cosmetics isolated on white background .

Chemical awareness and how it all started – A while ago I took a course called Nutrition and the Environment. It was from that course, that I began to make changes in the everyday toxins that were surrounding me. I replaced my aluminum filled deodorant with natural deodorant, my perfume with essential oils, my moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and facial cleanser with natural ones and opted for an every day mascara free from toxins. Throughout the course I had the opportunity to write a paper that looked at all of my personal homecare products, the chemicals in them and the health impacts. It was one of my favorite papers to write and I gained invaluable insight that will last me a lifetime. I had no idea the number of chemicals I was putting onto my skin daily! I hope to now share some of this insight with you and inspire you to make some positive changes too.

What worked for me – This may seem like a ton of changes at once and the last thing I want to do is overwhelm you! So, instead I wanted to share with you what I did and am still doing. I have by no means eliminated everything from my environment yet, as it truly is a process. But, I am in the midst, and am getting closer and closer every month. I made a goal that I would pick one thing a month that I would replace and that anything purchased in the future would be free from toxins!

Dirty Dozen – David Suzuki was one of my favorite resources to use as he has a ton of information on the toxins that exist in our products. There is a list of “Dirty Dozen Cosmetic Chemicals to Avoid” and they include BHA, BHT, coal tar dyes, DEA related ingredients, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde releasing preservatives, parabens, parfum, PEG compounds, petrolatum, siloxanes, sodium laureth sulfate and triclosan. Basically, these ingredients are potentially carcinogenic (cancer causing) and highly toxic. Check your products for the dirty dozen! You can find the link here at –

Daily Exposure – Just think for a moment… how many times a day do you use toxin filled personal care products? Let’s map it out; your toothpaste twice a day, perfume once a day, makeup once a day (including mascara, foundation and blush), shampoo and conditioner once a day, mouthwash once a day and hairspray once a day for example.   That means your body is coming in contact with at least 10 different personal care products a day and not to mention each product contains thousands of chemicals. This is called your barrel effect. I hear so many people say, “well, it is just a small amount, it’s not going to kill me.” However, this small amount is in hundreds of products you put on your skin or that are stashed in your home emitting dangerous chemical compounds into the air. You’re coming in contact with these daily! That is NOT a small amount anymore, now is it? Each of these “small amounts” adds up to your total barrel effect. The higher the barrel effect the higher the health risk.

Environmental and Health Impact – The impact is not only on you, but these chemicals also go into the environment and affect everything around us. These are incredibly tough chemicals that do not easily degrade and can remain in the biological environment for a very long time, having a negative impact on the environment and leaving us to reabsorb them. These nasty chemicals deposit in our bodies and are tough to get rid of. Dangerous long-term effects are really unknown at this point.

Resources – So why not commit to changing one product a month, or perhaps changing a product as soon as you run out of something? You’re probably thinking, how do I know what to buy? And, whether it’s a good healthy option? I was in the same boat. I felt overwhelmed and if I was going to be spending money on “healthier” options I wanted to make sure it honestly was free from chemicals! So, I used these resources:

  1. The Think Dirty app – I downloaded this free app onto my iphone and anytime I was making a purchase I scanned the items barcode. This app rates products in three different categories: carcinogenic, allergens and development and reproductive toxicity. It shows you what chemicals, if any exist in the product and rates it on a scale from 0-10 with 0 being safe and 10 being toxic.  
  1. EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Database – Not every item is on the Think Dirty App, so I also used this site. You can type in any product which is rated on a scale from 0-10, with 0 being a low hazardous product and 10 being a high hazardous product.
  1. Buy from Locally or Organic Sourced Companies – Source out different companies in your city or neighbourhood that make a conscious effort to source out quality ingredients. Check out The Holistic Wellness Shop for many clean beauty products you can trust! From dental products, to body care, you’ll find non-toxic, all natural products that will not harm you or the environment! When choosing products, the ingredient list should be clear and concise. Can you even pronounce some of the ingredients? Are there loads of fillers and binders? If so, you may want to think twice about purchasing them.  

Here are a few great all natural beauty care companies that we love and trust:

1. Alfalfia –

2. Zuii Organic –

3. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps –

4. Pangea Organics –

5. Aura Cacia –

6. Sukin Organics –

7. Living Libations –

Want to know how to make your own body care products? Join the 21-Day Qualitarian Challenge and learn how! You’ll receive a complete guide listing all your essential oils + body oils and how to mix them up to create clean beauty care! Plus, you’ll also learn how to use these ingredients to clean your house! From eating better, to creating your own beauty products, you’ll receive a ton of info helping to guide you in living a better quality life! Plus, you can follow along with our 21-day meal plan + delicious recipes. The cart closes this Friday, January 16th, so sign up today at –

So there you have it. A few healthy options to get yourself started! If you have a direct question about a brand or product you may be using feel free to ask us below and we can give you some insight. 

Stephanie xo



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Slow Cooker Crustless Pumpkin Pie

You know I love pumpkin… that’s a fact!

Although, I’m not typically a fan of pumpkin pie. Some I’ve loved. Others not so much. But… enter the slow cooker pumpkin pie. It’s amazing! Same texture as a pumpkin pie, less custard like, more pudding like. Soft, warming, and without the crust. 

Bottom line. It’s delicious and super easy to make. Plus, you get to wake up to a ready made breakfast! That’s probably the best part. I work up this morning with my house smelling like cake with aromas of cinnamon. It’s was a great smell to wake up too and it was a deliciously healthy breakfast to enjoy on a crazy snow day. 

This recipe is perfect for breakfast, but alternatively, it can make a great (and healthy) dessert or treat topped with some coconut bliss ice cream. 

Either way you enjoy it, it will become a new favourite. If you’re a pumpkin fan of course! 

Slow Cooker Crustless Pumpkin Pie
Serves 2
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Prep Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
  1. 1 can coconut milk
  2. 2 cups canned pumpkin (organic)
  3. 3 eggs, beaten
  4. 1/3 cup maple syrup
  5. 1 tsp ground vanilla bean
  6. 1 tsp cinnamon
  7. 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  8. 1 tbsp coconut flour
  9. 1 tsp baking powder
  10. Sea salt
  11. Coconut oil
  1. Grease the inside of your slow cooker with coconut oil.
  2. Combine all ingredients into a food processor and blend until well combined and smooth.
  3. Pour into your slow cooker and set it to low.
  4. Cook for 6-8 hours, or until top has set.
  1. I topped my pumpkin pie with pecans, hemp seeds and cinnamon. It was perfect! You can also add in a splash of almond or coconut milk to make the consistency more like a porridge.
Holistic Wellness
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5 Natural Cold & Flu Remedies For The Holidays

cold and flu

Both the holiday and cold and flu season are upon us and it’s hard to not get caught up in the busyness this season brings. To avoid these nasty germs over the holidays, we want to first and foremost practice prevention by boosting our immune system through eating a rainbow diet (lots of coloured fruits and vegetables!), getting enough sleep, adequate exercise and relaxation or time for ourselves. I recently came across this amazing planner called The Passion Planner, you can check it out here and it’s free to use. If you think you don’t have time for exercise, sleep, relaxation or eating a healthy diet over the holiday season, try scheduling all these things in on a daily basis! You will surprise yourself how much easier it becomes when you simply schedule it in. If you do however come down with a cold or flu we have some amazing natural remedies for you. 

5 Cold and Flu Remedies to Get You Feeling Like New Again:

  • Ginger, honey and lemon tea – A dear friend of mine introduced this to me years ago. On the stovetop, heat up fresh ginger root, fresh lemon juice,  raw honey and some water. Honey is anti-bacterial and ginger contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Lemon is high in vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and helps soothe the throat and irritated membranes. Sip and enjoy.
  • Eucalyptus oil – This oil is magical. It clears sinuses by loosening mucous. It also has natural antibiotic properties fighting off bacteria and viruses in the body. You can add the oil to your hot bath or boil a pot on the stove, adding in a few drops of the oil and breathing in the vapor. You can get it in tea form and tincture form too.
  • Echinacea – Research has shown that this herb can shorten the duration and the severity of a cold while enhancing immune defences. If you have been exposed to someone with a cold, use this as a preventative measure. You can get it in tablet, tea or tincture form.
  • Liquorice root – Even with its sweetness, this anti inflammatory herb has many properties that can relieve cold and flu symptoms. It is a demulcent, which is soothing to sore throats, an antispasmodic, which is relaxing to tight coughs, and an expectorant, which is expelling to respiratory mucus. You can get it in tea form or tablet form.
  • Elderberry – Studies show that elderberry contains anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Sambucol, an elderberry extract has been shown in studies to shorten the severity of flu symptoms. It has been used in traditional medicine for years to ease flu symptoms, colds and sinus problems. You can get it in whole natural food form, liquid or tea form. Plus, it tastes delicious! You can even harvest this berry yourself and make your own tinctures and teas to keep throughout the year. 

 Get Your Mind Aligned

Along with these natural remedies, I would like to stress the power that these remedies have on your body when your mind and your thoughts are aligned with the healing process. The first step when going with the natural root is the belief that it WORKS! I know many people that will try a natural remedy first, but because they don’t honestly think it works, they result to over-the-counter medication. Your mind has a unique way of triggering your body to heal when you believe that both the remedy and your body have the ability to help you recover.

Try these following mantras:

I am healthy.

I am balanced.

I am well.

I let go of any unwanted viruses and infections. I have no need of them.

I am rested and calm so I can heal.

These remedies want to work with you, so do yourself a favour and get your mind on board too, it will make the process much easier! Work with your body, not against it 🙂

Cheers to kicking the cold!

Stephanie xo 

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Overpriced Shorts, Cheap Espressos & Priceless Miracles

Image[Photo by: Giuseppe Chirico]

My life was limp. Soggy and scraggly with a fleeting scent of the last granule of success I had. I settled for food that was beneath me because it was all I could afford. My weights at home collected dust because the last thing I cared about was my body.

Being a victim is something everyone wags their fingers at. But every once in a while, sucking up attention and pity felt great. I finally knew what it was like to be immersed in a pool of my own shit. It’s like I learned a whole new language. Negativity, anxiety, fatalistic. I was becoming fluent. 

Besides experiencing a miracle, I only had two saving graces. The first one being yoga. And thankfully I paid for a full year of unlimited yoga when things were still good. The second one, espressos. Oh thank the Italian gods for espressos.

When I mustered up whatever will I had left for my own self care, I dragged my ass over to the studio. Faked my way through chance encounters with a cheap smile, small talk and some leftover charm. They had no idea but I did them all a favour by not consciously leeching their energy or bringing down their day with my sob stories. So, you’re welcome.

But once I got changed into my overpriced yoga shorts and stepped into that hot room… I left the weight of the world at the door. I’d close my eyes before class started. And for those ten minutes, I imagined I was in another country. A tropical island. Sun on my face. The sound of ocean waves. Fresh, salty air at my nostrils.

And when my teacher, Soni, invited us to deepen our breath, my problems were miles away and I arrived on my mat. The next 60 minutes there was nothing to worry about except for the present moment. Beads of sweat fell to the earth as we flowed gracefully from asana to freaking asana. It was glorious.

When savasana was over, and I hated when it was over, I washed up and put on fresh clothes. As soon as my ass hit the seat of my car, the bliss evaporated and was replaced with the horrors of my reality. My gas tank was empty. My phone could be disconnected soon. What the hell am I going to do? 

And in an instant, I’m back in my own personal hell.

Like a junkie craving the next hit, I looked forward to my next class. Tomorrow. The day after that. And so on. Until eventually I was practicing 5-6 times a week. 

Not long after, in that room, on my mat, through my clothes, was not just sweat pouring out of me. It was everything else. The victim. The ‘poor me’ attitude. The scarcity.

I wrung it out like a wet towel and twisted it all out until there was nothing left for me to squeeze. The physical, mental, and emotional healing I gained probably saved my life. Reaching the edge of my comfort zone and challenging myself on my mat translated to the same thing in my life.

I gathered up the balls to make significant changes. I reclaimed control over my life.

It was like coming home and speaking English again. Power, possibility and presence. It’s my native tongue. 

And BOOM! I was back. 

Well no, not really. It was probably more gradual than I remember. Like a steam engine on the tracks I slowly gained momentum.

It translated outward into better food choices, sleep habits, and so on. I was able to get back on my feet after a long time thinking I was down for the count. To me, at least, getting physically healthy first, was the big catalyst. 

One day at a time growing in confidence, clarity and courage. Slowly my energy was through the roof. Add a shot of espresso to that and nothing could stop me.

What happened next made me believe in miracles again. In fact, it was me. I was the miracle maker. 

No fairy dust, no unicorns, and not at the snap of a finger. Just me and my body, shattering countless barriers, mental, physical, and emotional. 

Every day. Leaving it all on the mat.


The Metabolic Weightloss Program is now open! Only limited spots are available. If you are READY to commit to yourself and your health, contact Samantha at and schedule a one-on-one call to discuss if the program is the right fit for you. This comprehensive weight loss program is guaranteed to get you to your goal weight, once and for all. No pills, shakes, or fancy concoctions. Just real whole foods. Simple, effective and strategic. 

 About the Author

Oliver coaches and guides people in their personal awareness, growth and transformation. He is the founder of Integrated Self, a workshop series for self-explorers, a singer-songwriter as well as a certified yoga instructor. In between writing, coaching sessions and making music, Oliver spends the rest of his time enjoying the good life with his love Janet, eating gorgeous food, sipping espressos and travelling.
For more, go to:

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I mustache you a question… let’s talk prostate prevention!

movember[Photo Credit: AussieGall]

The famous Movember movement is upon us and I really do love how much awareness this has created for men’s health over the last several years. Based on a little research I did from the Movember official website, they state that prostate cancer is the third leading cause of death in men in Canada, and 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. That is a pretty high statistic if you ask me! Too high of a number for us to not do anything about it.

Since it’s prostate cancer awareness month, let’s really dig into prevention. That’s what we aim for right? Disease and illness is not something we need to be faced with, so creating awareness and living as healthy as possible is vital for overall health. I absolutely love and am passionate about holistic medicine because it’s practices are rooted in prevention! How empowering is that? To know you have the power to prevent a potential illness based on your decisions today. I know that is a scary concept for some, but that’s really what holistic nutrition is all about!

So, let’s talk prostate cancer prevention…

There is so much convincing evidence on the role of diet in prostate cancer that Dr. William Fair and colleague from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre went so far to suggest that prostate cancer may be a nutritional disease. Wow! A nutritional disease that can be prevented if we put a bit of effort into what we choose to consume most of the time. Remember, it’s what we do most of the time, not ALL of the time. I too have my days, but it’s important to not beat yourself up over it and simply commit to choosing the healthiest options MOST of the time.

So gentlemen (and loving wives, girlfriends, partners and daughters), here are 8 tips to live a healthy lifestyle and reduce your risk of prostate cancer:

  1. Increase intake of omega-3 fatty acids- wild caught fish, hemp seeds, chia, quality fish oil supplement
  2. Increase intake of isothiocyanates from vegetables in the brassica family – such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, chard
  3. Increase intake of grape seed extract or other sources of proanthocyanidins – grape see extract is a great anti bacterial and strengthens immunity
  4. Increase intake of green tea polyphenols – simple, just drink some green tea!
  5. Introduce more Mediterranean-style foods – such as wild caught fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, quality olive oil, lots of herbs and spices
  6. Increase intake of lycopene rich foods – easy! Enjoy some delicious tomatoes
  7. Eliminate or reduce intake of processed, grilled or broiled meats – unfortunately charred meats can increase cancer risk
  8. Eliminate or reduce intake of dairy products – unless you can get your hands on organic raw sources, go for it. Otherwise, most dairy today is loaded with antibiotics and hormones, so it’s best we avoid it. 

 If you have an important male in your life, share this short blog with them and maybe it will inspire them to practice prevention instead of reaction. I truly believe if we put as much effort, time and resources into prevention as we do with finding a cure, those statistics mentioned earlier would be a heck of a lot lower!

Check out our delicious Prostate Cancer Prevention Tomato Sauce recipe with mushrooms and swiss chard! It’s easy to make and loaded with cancer protective nutrients. 

If you would like more detailed information on prostate cancer and further tips for cancer prevention, check out The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine by Michael T. Murray N.D and Joseph Pizzorio N.D.


Happy Movember! 

Stephanie xo

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5 Reasons to Drink Beet Root the Aussies!

I was first introduced to the incredible health benefits of beets while living in Australia. They enjoy putting beets on everything! It is a common food that is added to so many of their dishes! Over here in North America we don’t tend to explore with beets as much as the aussies! The Australians know what’s up when it comes to beets, so here it goes… 5 reasons to drink beet root juice like the aussies!

[Photo Credit: Anna Verdina]

  1. Antioxidant Protection – Many foods contain antioxidant protection. However, what is unique about beets is the unusual type of antioxidants it contains! The colour of beets comes from the antioxidant called betalain, an antioxidant not commonly heard of. It also contains other antioxidants such as manganese and vitamin C. Research is only in the beginning stages to determine the effects of these antioxidants on eye health and nerve tissue health. 
  1. Detoxification – This same unique antioxidant called betalain supports the body in its Phase 2 detoxification process. What does that mean? Well, this is the step that our cells use to attach unwanted toxins to small nutrient groups. This link is critical as it neutralizes the toxins and allows them to pass through our urine, being excreted from the body safely instead of remaining in the body. An important link in Phase 2 is the role of glutathione (another super antioxidant). Beets trigger production of  glutathione-S-transferase, an enzyme  which hooks toxins in the body to glutathione for removal from the body. As you can see, Beets lovingly help support the bodies natural detox process!
  1. Anti-inflammatory – Betalains, along with other phytonutrients in beets such as isobetanin and vulgaxanthin (yes, those are a mouthful!) contain many amazing anti-inflammatory properties. These anti-inflammatory benefits aid in the prevention of conditions that are associated with chronic inflammation, such as eczema, diabetes, heart disease, irritable bowel disease and anything ending in “itis,” (ie. Colitis, arthritis, etc). 
  1. Anti-cancer – The combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects in beets makes this food a probable option for decreasing the risk of several forms of cancer. Lab studies have even proved this on human tumor cells for colon, stomach, nerve, lung, breast, prostate and testicular cancers!
  1. Fiber – Beet fiber and carrot fiber are two food types of fiber that provide unique health benefits that contributes to the health of our digestive tract, colon health and cardiovascular system. 

 Those are merely some of the top health benefits of beets. Beets are a true nutritional powerhouse and definitely worth adding to your diet!

Try our Sweet Beets & Greens Recipe or our Morning Zinger Fresh Beet & Veggie Juice! 

Stephanie xo


Source:, The World’s Healthiest Foods



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