4 Keys to Resetting Your Metabolism for Successful Weight Loss

It's January 2016 and everyone is in health mode. I'm excited about this because I love seeing people get serious about their health and seek out help, coaching, join gyms and commit to better eating.  I wish January was all the time! There's always this excitement in the new year to get healthy and then [...]

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My 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Got a super health conscious and nutrition obsessed foodie on your Christmas list this year? I'm sure we all have someone on our list that is difficult to buy for. Especially if they happen to be someone that is concerned about what they eat, they body care they use and is only interested in paleo-vegan-quality-type [...]

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Vampire Immune Elixir

Ok, so I'll admit; Vampire Immune Elixir sounds pretty weird right? Actually, I think it's pretty damn cool, but then again, I"m totally bias to my creations :)  This immune elixir is awesome, but I'll be the first to admit, it doesn't taste like candy. In fact, when I took the first sip from it [...]

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The Sun & Your Skin – 5 Myths You Need to Know (plus, DIY sunscreen!)

Guest Post: Kathrin Brunner, For the Love of Body I am so excited to introduce you to my girlfriend and natural skin care specialist Kathrin Brunner. Not only is she one incredibly smart and talented women, but she's also the helping hands and co-creator behind my Holistic Wellness Body Care Products. Together, Kathrin and I [...]

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Sex: Why You (and your hormones) Need More of it!

When it comes to optimizing your overall health and well-being, sex is a very important factor in this. From reducing stress, boosting self-esteem and body confidence, and building a deeper connection with your partner, sex should be at the top of your get-healthy to do list. Now let's face it, sex is everywhere.  It seems we can't [...]

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