DIY All Natural Bronzer

The sun is finally shining here in Toronto and the weather is getting hot (it's about time!). That means I'm pulling out my summer clothes, throwing my hair up and getting my summer beauty essentials ready. This means using a little bit of bronzer.  I don't normally wear bronzer throughout the year (unless I'm off [...]

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Insights, Universal Truths and Breakthroughs on My 34th Birthday

There have been many discoveries over this past year and I always find that with each new year and birthday celebration, the reflection process is always so much bigger, deeper and more insightful.  Each new year there is so much emotional unpacking that needs to be done. Whether it be with my relationships, my business, [...]

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{Video} Holistic Dental Care – The Right Way to Care for Your Teeth

I'd love to know what your dental routine looks like!  Do you floss first thing upon waking?   Do you brush after every meal?   Do you scrape your tongue, then floss, then brush, then use mouthwash?   Well I'm sure you know I love teeth, hence the creation of my Salty Kisses Toothpaste. This toothpaste has [...]

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Your Holiday Alcohol Survival Guide – The Lowdown on Sugary Drinks & Your Best Options

With the Holidays officially upon us, we're bound to enjoy a few drinks, over eat at the dinner table (extra stuffing for me please!) and indulge in a few sweet goodies.  The truth is, I'm not one to drink. And this comes from someone who used to bartend 4 nights a week during my University [...]

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Fat Burning & Ketones – Answering Your Q’s about KETO//OS

All I can say is WHOA!!   After sharing the recipe for my Fat Burning Chocolate Smoothie last week, I got a huge response asking what ketones are, where to purchase them and how to use them.    So, I figured I would take a moment and explain about ketones in a little more detail.   First [...]

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Why You Need to Stop Using Fragrances! (Plus a Simple DIY Solid Perfume Recipe)

I don't know about you but I can't even stand walking by Bath & Body Works!  Or how about Lush? Ugh! The smells from these stores can linger in the air from miles away. I always know when I'm closely approaching a Lush store. Their smells are intensely strong and unfortunately, as much as they [...]

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